view map London SE3 0BU We also cover these areas: South London

Talk 4 Business Ltd

Brigade Works, Brigade Street

Blackheath, London


London SE3 0BU view map We also cover these areas: South London

Talk 4 Business Ltd

Brigade Works, Brigade Street

Blackheath, London


Tel: 0208 297 3500 (Monday to Friday 8-6 excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
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About Us

Ian Redwood and Martin Hansford both left successful careers in BT to form Talk 4 Business in 2004.

‘The most common problem that our customers face’, says Ian ‘is how to make sense of the plethora of different technical and commercial offerings in a very competitive and complex marketplace. We wanted to help clients to make informed purchasing decisions for their telecoms and IT needs’.

Operating out of premises next door to Blackheath train station (in a building that was once the home of the Blackheath Library Institution), Talk 4 Business serves a customer base predominantly based in West Central London and South East London. The industry mix is diverse, taking in the extremely wealthy areas of Mayfair and Chelsea, areas of high development such as Victoria, the brown belt areas of Woolwich and Swanley, and greenbelt areas like Locksbottom and Badger’s Mount.

Customer profiles run the whole gamut from the one-man-band tradesman and the lone professional working from home, to the very large organisation with complex telecommunications and IT demands.

‘We are both passionate about how IT can improve people’s lives’, says Martin.

‘We help our customers’ businesses to develop and grow – through the use of IT - so they can take full advantage of the market opportunities within London. The IT marketplace is a fun and dynamic place to work, with constant new challenges and possibilities. And that’s for both our team and our customers’.

Businesses we’ve helped

Hammersmith: Investment bank

First Capital is a boutique investment bank with an international client base. With just 10 people operating from two locations in the south east of England, the organisation relies on the latest technology to deliver the highest levels of service to its customers.

They wanted an affordable superfast broadband service so they could compete head on with big City of London investment banks. We provided them with BT Infinity business fibre broadband, giving them reliable download speeds of up to 76Mbps and 14Mbps upload speeds.

Dartford: School

The Leigh Academy wanted to introduce one-to-one iPad learning for its students but were hesitant following the poor experience of a sister school. That school had found organising purchases, sorting out payments from parents, and administering insurance claims was too much of a strain.    

The Trust looked around for a better solution and contacted Talk 4 Business. Our Education specialist recommended BT’s ComputAbility scheme. The scheme - a fully-managed, no-cost (to the school) solution – proved to be just what The Leigh Academy was looking for.

‘BT manages the collection of payments from parents, follow up on late payments and deal with breakages and insurance claims’, said Sarah Tucker from the Academy’s IT Services department.