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FAQs for business broadband deals

What is business broadband?

Business is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to hit you from one moment to the next. So you need broadband that’s always working at its best when it matters most. BT Business broadband is ideal for businesses who need more from their internet service, such as powering VoIP phone systems, hosting websites, sharing files between locations quickly and securely, or keeping a large enterprise running harmoniously without dips in connectivity.

What makes business broadband different to home broadband?

We designed our business broadband packages for companies who need features they can't get on home broadband, such as static IPs, service-level agreements, and Guest Wi-Fi capability.

They also offer higher levels of support depending on the package you choose. For instance, Enhanced broadband packages get 24/7 business IT support to help your unique business needs and requirements.

Do I need a phone line?

Our best deals include digital phone lines, but if you already have a business phone line and just need the internet connection, we have a business broadband only product for you. 

What speeds can I get with business broadband?

We offer a range of broadband options from 17Mbps with our Broadband Essential package up to 314mpbs with Ultrafast 2, our fastest ever broadband. The broadband speed available will depend on your location.

Can I get dedicated internet access?

If you don't want to share the network with anyone else, and need faster connectivity, then our leased line service providing dedicated internet access might be for you.

Business broadband deals with our speed guarantee

With BT, you can compare phone and broadband deals to find the ideal broadband connection for you and your business. Whatever your business size, we understand that keeping in touch with your customers, clients and colleagues is essential.

We aim to give you the fastest possible broadband speed for your connection. For our range of business broadband and phone deals we show estimates of the download and upload speeds we expect you to get – plus give you a minimum guaranteed download speed.

All our broadband deals for business give you a speed guarantee you can rely on. They’re tailored to your connection, so you can choose the right speed for what you need.

And if your connection drops below the minimum speed we promised and we can’t fix it, you may be able to simply walk away.

More about our business broadband speed guarantee

Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice for Business Broadband Speeds   

Things you need to know

Terms, conditions and legal stuff

Information on terms, compensation scheme, and legal stuff for you to download.

Prices exclude VAT of 20%. Your service is subject to terms and conditions found at under the Broadband and internet and Mobile services sections. You will be subject to a minimum contract term and at the end of this minimum contract term you will pay the full standard price see Section 59, Part 4 and Section 10b of the BT Price List found at

Business Broadband Discounts

These offers are for new and re-signing BT Business customers who sign up to one of the eligible phone line, broadband, and calls packages. The offers are not available to; customers who are transferring from a BT residential contract to a BT business contract; and customers that have Fibre to the Premises.

For full details, please see the Special offers section of terms and conditions

Installation charges

You may incur a £125 charge for a new line or £20 for reactivation of an existing line or for taking over a working line. You will incur a one-off charge of £30 for each Cloud Voice Express digital phone line. Prices exclude 20% VAT.   There is no charge to switch your line to BT from another supplier. Depending on your site and subject to any survey, you may incur excess construction charges see Section 45, Part 1 of the BT Price List found at By signing up to Cloud Voice Express your existing BT PSTN service will terminate. Once terminated, BT may not be able to re instate your PSTN service on the same commercial terms as you may previously have had. Cloud Voice Express does not guarantee the ability to make calls to emergency services at all times.
 Mobile speeds vary by location, coverage and demand.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Fixed price guaranteed for the duration of your minimum contract term and applies to your monthly bundle price and monthly mobile price only. Excludes all other services such as add-ons or out of bundle charges. Fixed price guarantee applicable to Halo for business bundles only.


We have a compensation scheme for those rare occasions where something goes wrong, and there are delays in putting it right. See information on compensation scheme at

4G Assure and Always Connected Guarantee

Included with Enhanced bundles only. 4G Assure works over copper, fibre and static IP. The automatic switch over to 4G is subject to you having adequate 4G signal and power at your site. We deliver 4G Assure the next day if your order is placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays. If your order is placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays.

Speed Promise

Before your service starts, we will provide you with the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed and an estimate of the upload and download speed you may expect. If after 10 days from the start of your service your speed is regularly at or below this speed, you may contact BT and BT will try to fix it. If BT is unable to fix it within 30 days, you can terminate your service without paying any charges (other than for any service already received) but you must return any BT Hub. Please see minimum guaranteed download speed for more information.

Speed Estimates

The speed ranges we show are estimates based on business peak time between 12.00 and 14.00. The estimates take into account congestion on the network at these times. Your actual broadband speeds depend on a number of factors, including distance from the exchange, your equipment, the quality of your line, the number of people connected at the same time, and whether Wi-Fi is being used. It can take up to 10 days for your line to settle at its maximum stable speed.

BT Sport

TV license and latest Android, Window or iOS operating system required. App is for your personal, non-commercial use in the UK.

UK’s largest Wi-Fi network

You can get onto our Wi-Fi as long as you're in one of our Wi-Fi hotspots and your device has wireless internet.

ISPA award for 4G Assure

“Best Customer Solution 2019” is a trademark of the Internet Services Providers’ Association, used under licence.


Several factors can affect your speed (such as distance to the street cabinet). To check the speed at this location visit: Not all lines in Ultrafast enabled areas can support the Ultrafast service.

Keep the same number for life

Subject to having a Cloud Voice Express service with BT. BT has the right to cease your number in certain circumstances. See the Cloud Voice Express terms at under the ‘IP Communications’ heading for details.

Unlimited calls on Cloud Voice Express

Calls to UK landlines and mobiles are free for up to an hour. If your call lasts longer than an hour, then you pay by the minute. Simply hang up the call and call back within each hour. You'll find the call rates to UK landlines, mobiles and international destinations in Section 56, Part 18, Subpart 12 of the BT Price List. See your terms and conditions for more information found at under the ‘IP Communications’ heading.

Enhanced IT support

Enhanced IT support included with Enhanced broadband only.

Wi-Fi calling on mobile

Wi-Fi calling requires a compatible device and Wi-Fi connection. All calls or texts charged as per your BT Business Mobile plan. BT Wi-Fi on the London Underground, provided by Virgin Media.

4G calling on mobile

4G calling requires a compatible device and 4G connection.


5G coverage, plan and compatible device needed. 5G on BT Mobile is available in 80 large towns and cities, including the busiest parts of Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Leicester, London, Manchester.


Cloud Voice Express app

The Cloud Voice Express app requires the latest iOS or Android operating system and an internet connection.  

Next day mobile replacement

Next working day mobile phone replacements are for in-warranty faults only.

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