view map KT3 4TE We also cover these areas: South West London

London SW Communications Ltd

4th Floor, CI Tower, St George's Square

New Malden, KT3 4TE

KT3 4TE view map We also cover these areas: South West London

London SW Communications Ltd

4th Floor, CI Tower, St George's Square

New Malden, KT3 4TE

Tel: 0208 875 6868 Option 4 (for Sales) (Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
the time to understand what makes your business tick.





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About us

Simon Jones knows about telecoms and he knows about running successful small businesses

In 1988 he set up an independent telecoms company providing specialist telecoms and data advice to businesses. Following the sale of that company in 2006, Simon started an online-only insurance business that was AIM-listed in 2008 and sold in 2014.

Together with Martin Clack, he launched London SW Communications Ltd, in partnership with BT, in July 2015.

‘We’re here to help you make the right decisions about communications and IT services’, says Simon. ‘We understand the local business environment and have a team of office and field-based account managers, with specialists in switch, cloud solutions, data networks, and mobile: we can talk to you about the complete BT Business portfolio’.

Whether you’re looking for a new mobile solution in New Malden, a wireless internet solution in Wandsworth, a cloud-based phone system in Croydon, a traditional telephone system in Tooting, Cloud technology in Kingston, or a Managed WAN in Wimbledon, London SW Communications are eager to help.

‘We’d love to hear from you’, Simon says, ‘our business is all about enabling your business.’

Businesses we’ve helped

Croydon: transport company  

Wings Transport Ltd had a couple of problems: very slow internet connection; and high call charges for mobiles. We proposed an upgrade of their BTnet internet connection from 10/100Mb to 100/1000Mb; we provided SIP channels with a free calling plan; and we installed a new SIP-enabled Avaya IP Office 500 system to give them more call functionality.

They reckon that they can now process jobs up to 40% faster.

Roehampton: private hire car service

Roehampton Cars Ltd were losing money due to complaints about incorrect bookings and delays;  and a lack of call reporting (and analysis) led to inefficient management and resourcing. We talked with them about call reporting and management software, and call recording and storage. By providing an Avaya IP Office 500 system, we’ve given them call recording, data, and analysis capabilities that have reduced complaints, stemmed the loss of earnings, and improved resource management.