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Corporate businesses

Helping businesses with 101 to 4,000 employees to stay connected and stay ahead

Helping you work faster

Empower your people. Put pace into your business. Be confident that nothing will slow your growth.

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Helping you work safer

Protect your work and your reputation. Be sure nothing puts your business relationships and operations at risk.

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Helping you work smarter

The right technology can help you do more, make your people and customers happier – and reduce costs.

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Fresh ideas for voice, data, IT and security

Keeping your people and your customers talking

Calling is the most personal way to communicate. Get the best of it with our mobile, cloud and office solutions.

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Supporting your business on a network you can trust

Great coverage and reliability help you share information, wherever you are.

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Keeping your data safe

With more devices on your network, and more data in the cloud, you may need a new approach to security.

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Delivering the right IT for your business

When your business works on the right fixed, mobile, domestic and global networks, the possibilities are endless.

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