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Victory Communications Ltd

Barry Saunders and Gary McIntyre set up Victory Communications Ltd as a BT Local Business in 2007. With over 30 years’ experience in mobile, voice, and data networks at BT, they were well-placed to support the many customers making the move to converged voice and data.

‘Broadband is now 10x faster and 50% cheaper than it was 10 years ago. That means businesses can think way beyond just email and internet access, and can now make Cloud storage, Cloud Voice and video a reality’, says Barry.

The Port Solent-based team has helped many businesses in Hampshire, including those in the Education sector. They introduced BYOD (bring your own device) and CYOD (choose your own device) into several schools and colleges. Staff and students can use their own devices and access school systems safely, securely, and efficiently. Alternatively, they can get hold of the latest laptops, tablets, and other devices through affordable monthly payments.

Victory Communications have also helped hundreds of businesses unlock the value of superfast fibre broadband so that they can go beyond simple email and internet browsing: they can also use it to run their phone calls and data storage.

‘On a more personal level we have a musician, a boat-builder, a surfer, several golfers, and a qualified hockey coach in the team. So, people with not only diverse business backgrounds, but also a wide range of interests are bringing some diverse thinking to the team’ said Barry.

Victory Communications Ltd

Pure Offices, Port View, One Port Way,

Port Solent, Portsmouth, Hampshire


0239 238 5599

Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 excluding bank holidays

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Personal service

BT Local Businesses give you a personal, ‘family-firm’ service, yet they’re supported by the power of BT’s global expertise. 

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Your dedicated business manager will get to know you and your company, and be your single point of contact whenever you call.

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By operating in the same market you do, our local businesses can better understand your needs – and those of your customers.

Global tech partners

Our connectivity solutions are underpinned by the latest software and hardware from partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple and more. 


Businesses we've helped


Leisure park

We helped a large leisure park avoid having to replace several kilometres of underground cables.  BT One Phone was not only much, much cheaper; it also gave the park greater call handling abilities.


Call centre

We designed a cutting-edge 100+-seat call centre solution for a client in the Financial Services sector who needed tools to record and store both voice and electronic communications. This met and exceeded the demands the company’s regulatory bodies.

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