view map Belfast BT1 4NB We also cover these areas:

44-58 May St,

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Belfast BT1 4NB view map We also cover these areas:

44-58 May St,

Belfast, Northern Ireland


Tel: 0289 5219220 (Monday to Friday 8-6 excluding bank holidays)


All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take
the time to understand what makes your business tick.





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About us

Jonathan Truesdale is the Regional Sales Manager for BT Northern Ireland, the Belfast equivalent to a BT Local Business.  He joined BT in 2009, following time at both NTL and Vodafone.

‘We’ll tailor our expert advice to your business’, says Jonathan. ‘BT and EEs product range is continually evolving, thanks to their commitment to research, development, partner relationships, and bringing new technology to your door’.

The Belfast team, located in Telephone House is Belfast, can supply the full range of BT’s and EE’s business products and services; Network, Cloud, Mobile, Leased Lines, broadband, and IT. Couple that with an extensive suite of vendor partners and you’ve got world-class communications on your doorstep.

‘All of our field sales staff have a breadth of experience across the entire BT and EE portfolio’, says Jonathan, ‘they don’t just know what they’re talking about but have a passion for their profession that means they can help you decide what’s the best solution for your business’.

Jonathan’s team are local, they understand the local economy and local communities, and they understand technology.

‘We know that technology can be complex but we also know how to make it easy to understand. We’d love to pop by for a chat and to discover what we can do for your business so get in touch with us to arrange a visit!’