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Unified Comms Ltd

Before starting Unified Comms Ltd in 2012, Mike Kenny, Nathan Defew, Neil Frost and Chris Hilton all worked for BT Business. So when it comes to matching technology to what businesses need, they know what they’re talking about.

‘Businesses like working with us. They like how we understand their business needs and how we can solve their problems. They also appreciate the care and attention we give them’ says Mike.

Based in central Norwich, the team comprises specialists in data, telephony, mobile, cloud, IT, and education-specific solutions.

‘Our expertise, and experience helping businesses to thrive and grow, means we can help businesses make money, save money and increase effectiveness.’ explains Mike.

‘We helped Hawk Express Taxis in Ipswich. They were missing calls, which is a major problem for a taxi business. A missed call is a missed customer. They don’t call back; they just call the next taxi company’, says Mike.

The taxi company now has an Avaya IP Office phone system, SIP channels, and a BTnet Leased Line.

The impact has been huge. Because they no longer miss any calls, they’ve had to take on another 40 people to cope with the demand.

Now their customers can always get a ride. 

Unified Comms Ltd

Dragon House, 22 Unthank Road,

Norwich, Norfolk


0160 378 9898

Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 excluding bank holidays

Why choose a BT Local Business?

Personal service

BT Local Businesses give you a personal, ‘family-firm’ service, yet they’re supported by the power of BT’s global expertise. 

A single point of contact

Your dedicated business manager will get to know you and your company, and be your single point of contact whenever you call.

Local knowledge

By operating in the same market you do, our local businesses can better understand your needs – and those of your customers.

Global tech partners

Our connectivity solutions are underpinned by the latest software and hardware from partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple and more. 


Businesses we've helped



SLP Engineering were experiencing poor internet speeds, which was slowing down production.  We installed a BTnet Leased Line to give them a dedicated internet access service with guaranteed fast upload and download speeds. 

Since then, production has seen a significant increase while sub-standard internet speeds are just a fading memory.


Food production

Pasta Foods expanded rapidly but their communications didn’t keep pace, leading to communication problems between their sites.

We installed a BTnet Leased Line so people on both sites can work effectively together using shared systems. 

All the products and services that your business needs, from local people who take the time to understand what makes your business tick.