Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for Global Business

Our new global master service agreements (MSAs) which govern the sale of all global products can be found here.

Our new global service schedules that will be governed by the new MSAs can be found here.

We are in the process of updating our standard terms and the versions below will be replaced by new terms over the coming months.  Unless your order specifically points to the new sections of our site, the terms that will govern the provision of services by BT are set out on this page.

The terms below only apply when you contract with BT plc.  If you contract with one of our other global entities, you will have been advised of your terms at the point of order.

Our UK terms set out on this page are made up of:

  • General Terms which govern and apply to all our UK service schedules on or after 1 May 2024
  • Service Schedules for the products and services we sell and any associated annexes to the service schedules.

Legacy terms can be found here.

Occasionally you may order products and services that are provided by our business and public sector division (rather than our global division).  These terms can be found here  and include the BT EE Mobile terms.  If you contracted directly with EE you will find the Large Business terms here

If the terms you require are not listed on this website, or if you are unsure which terms apply to your product or service, please contact your account manager.


Please see the link below for GDPR information for Products and FAQs for Business Customers

Product Info / FAQs

The GDPR clause below applies to customers who signed up to our terms before 25 May 2018 and FAQs and Product Info


Schedules for Services sold under the General Terms

Legacy Terms

  • General Terms which govern and apply to all our UK service schedules before 1 May 2024

Compliance Obligations