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Manage your incoming calls with our advanced call plans

Women in call centre

Our advanced plans allow you to deliver calls to different locations at different times; spread them across several sites and route them based on the caller’s ID. 

You can fine tune your call plan as and when you need to – we’ve got data to help you understand how your callers are treated, allowing you to optimise your service. 

Line rental is from £10.00 a month. Take a look at our pricing table for more information.

All prices exclude VAT.


Offer Freefone calls to your customers: 0800 and 0808

Man on phone

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch by picking up the cost of the call for them. 

Calls can be delivered to your existing lines and if you decide to move your business, the number will stay the same –  wherever you locate to.

For more information on 0800 and 0808 numbers, take a look at out pricing table.

Contact us today to buy 080 numbers.


Choose low-cost numbers for your business: 03

Man in call centre

A number beginning with 03 means that your customers will be charged the same as they would if they were calling a number beginning 01 or 02. And if your customer has a calling bundle then 03 numbers will be included, and  are effectively free. 

03 is a low-cost option where you still pay towards the cost of the call, but it’s less than you would pay for 080, and still offers you the same great features.

Take a look at our pricing table for further information. 

Contact us today to buy 03 numbers.


Decide what you charge your customers: 084 and 087

Woman in call centre

Using 084 and 087 allows you to choose how much you want your customers to pay, the contribution you want to make or the amount of revenue you’ll receive.

See our pricing table for further information.

Contact us today to buy 084 and 087 numbers.





Generate revenue with a premium rate number: 09 

Woman in call centre

Charge up to £3.60 a minute or £6.00 per call (inc VAT) every time someone calls your BT 09 number – ideal for competition lines, tele-voting, print media, psychic, chat, adult or technical support lines.

Couple it with our BT WSIP service and you can benefit from dial around fraud prevention and dialled number forwarding. There’s a one-off £25 connection charge (ex VAT). Sometimes there are extra charges for special numbers and features but that’s it.

You’ll need to register and pay an annual fee to the Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA) and agree to comply with their code of practice before you set up a UK premium rate service. This service is only on offer to VAT registered businesses that expect to generate upwards of £2k per month in inbound 09 traffic (minimum revenue terms apply). 

Contact us today to buy 09 numbers.


Get a low-cost number for your charity

Comic relief call centre

If you’re a registered charity, you can get reduced call rates on our 08 and 03 numbers.

Our Charities Club contract  means that you’ll pay less no matter how many incoming calls you get.

For more information on phone numbers for charities, see our pricing table.

Contact us today to buy a number for your charity.


Included as standard

Free statistics reporting

Daily call data updates tell you how your number is performing.

We’ll provide you with call data from the moment your number is live, updated every morning with the previous day’s call information.

You’ll also get a rolling downloadable summary of the past 5 calendar weeks’ data.

Numbers for charities

Benefits when you join our charities club.

Service Management

Dedicated BT Service Manager who will take ownership of your requirements.

24/7/365 support

We’ll keep you connected to your callers.

Reduced advanced feature costs

The Charities Club contract gives you lower than standard costs for most advanced routing features.

Optional extras

Call routing

These services give you the flexibility to route calls based on the time of the day, geographic location of the calls, and if the number is busy.

Each Call Routing Service costs:

Basic rate numbers (less than 5,000 minutes a year): 1p per minute (ex VAT)

Advance rate numbers (more than 5,000 minutes a year): call us for a quote

Quarterly rental: call us for a quote

Call management

Analyse data from your calls, and monitor and fine tune your service almost in real time.

Inbound Analyst

A management reporting tool that allows you to analyse data from incoming calls. This is a free service if you commit to 1 million minutes of call traffic per year or a quarterly charge will apply for less than 1 million minutes per year.

Inbound Architect

This is a web-based portal which gives you one point of contact to access BT's reporting and call routing control products. Monitor and tune your service almost in real time, so ensure the maximum numbers of calls can be delivered and answered. This is especially useful for call centres.

Inbound call recording

Our end-to-end recording, storage and discovery service is easy to use, extremely secure and can be installed without needing any extra equipment.

Easy to implement and simple to use

Built into the phone number itself, our call recording service can easily be added to, or removed from, any BT Inbound number as needed. Plus, our user-friendly front-end system lets you find recordings quickly and easily.

Secure and robust

All of your recordings are encrypted, and our systems allows you to easily monitor who accesses this data and when. The high-availability infrastructure means that you’ll continue to have service even if some of the components fail or are offline. And you don’t need to worry about an important call being deleted over time – our Inbound Vault lets you store calls for 10 years or more.


Do you have a number I can use even if my business moves location?

Yes, all our Telemarketing numbers are designed to be very flexible, so if your business moves or keeps  moving it won't affect your calls to your business as the number you choose will go wherever your business goes. It doesn't change because it's not dependent on the area you move to like an area code such as 0121, 01444, etc.

I really want to generate revenue when my customer calls. Do you have a number for that?

Phone numbers - 0871 and 09** will generate revenue. With the 0871 number you can even choose how  much you want to pay per minute, and how much your customer will pay per minute.

09** numbers can generate the biggest amount of revenue as these numbers are charged to customers at a higher rate than a standard call, which will give you a better rate of revenue.

I'm just starting up my business and ideally don't want to pay for call charges, can I do that?

Yes, by choosing an 0844 number (charged to the caller at 5p per minute) or an 0871 number (charged to the caller at 6p per minute), you won't incur any call charges.

Do you have a number I can advertise in other countries?

Yes - We have International & Universal Freefone numbers

Do I need another line to have one of these numbers?

No, you won't need to get another BT line to have a telemarketing number, as the number you choose will be fixed, meaning that even if your business has to move locations, the number will still remain the same. This way, customers will always be able to contact you, no matter where you are in the country or where they are.

I don't want to receive all calls in one department, can I arrange to take certain calls and route others elsewhere?

Yes, once you have chosen your BT number you can add on as many Call Routing services as you want.

You can choose to route calls to different locations according to the time of day and divert calls to another place where calls will be answered, if the main location is too busy.

If I want to add a service on to my BT number, how many can I add on?

There are many different additional services you can choose from that make using your BT number even more flexible and you can add on as many as you want. The cost per additional service will depend on how many calls your business receives a year.

Why BT Business?

Widest range of numbers available to all business types
24/7/365 online fault reporting


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