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When you protect your customers’ data, you’re securing your reputation.

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Taking cyber security seriously

Our customers rely on our network. So we do everything in our power to ensure it’s safe. We employ over 2,500 security experts from a variety of backgrounds. Some of them may surprise you. From ethical hackers spotting the gaps in security that others might miss, to former police officers with a sixth sense in anticipating cybercrime.


Innovative thinking like this makes sure no stone is left unturned in the battle against threats to security. 

Remote working: building a resilient network

Discover how to create a network that can meet today’s challenges and prepare for potential large-scale impacts in the future.

Find out how to build a resilient network

Remote working security guide

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being felt far and wide. Business are facing pressure, not just from coronavirus, but from potential hackers trying to exploit the situation. This is why we need to turn on our human firewall.

View remote working security guide

Counter Drone Solutions from BT

With millions of drones taking flight worldwide, incidents involving rogue drones entering your airspace – accidentally or otherwise – are only going to increase. You need to protect against threats to privacy, security and public safety.

More about Counter Drone Solutions from BT

Let us protect your business, as we do ours

Cybercrime is big news - and big business. As cyber attacks become even more sophisticated, it's vital to stay ahead of the criminals. Nobody wants to be the next business making headlines for the wrong reasons. Our Embedded Security solutions weave data and digital best practice into the fabric of a company.

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Meet the team making your business safer

Our security experts spend their time keeping your business safe – so you can concentrate on growing it.

Meet the team

Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO and blockchain hacker

A familiar face at security and hacking conferences, Konstantinos is the only person at BT who can hack bitcoin. “We like to simulate the exact attacks that the real bad guys out in the wild are doing," Konstantinos tells us. “Hacking is a constant learning experience.” And we use this knowledge to protect you.

Meet Konstantinos

Melanie Johnstone, Head of Threat Intelligence

Melanie and her team are responsible for spotting potential threats and finding the source, as well as providing insight into global security incidents to all of our customers. “Cyber security is changing on a daily basis” Melanie confirms. We’re here to give you reassurance you can rely on.

Meet Melanie

Amy Lemberger, Head of Incident Response

Nowadays, it’s relatively easy for people to launch a cyber-attack. Amy leads the team tasked with fixing problems and threats. She says: “BT’s security offering is unique because of its scale – there are very few other providers who are in 190 countries and have to protect their own infrastructure at the critical national infrastructure level."

Meet Amy

Why you need to focus on cyber security

Our security team protected BT from over 125,000 cyber attacks in a single month. How many could target your business in the time it takes to watch this video? And with the risk of huge penalties for breaking new GDPR legislation, nobody can afford to lose focus on security. Danny Longbottom, Director – Local Government & Health, explains:

Watch Danny’s video

Our whitepapers explore ways to keep your network secure

Discover the five stages of cyber security

Protecting your business from the growing threat of cybercrime can be complex and challenging. Our whitepaper – published in the wake of the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks – makes it simpler to make plans and map things out.

Download the whitepaper

GDPR – is your business ready?

Data security is more important than ever in today’s digital economy. With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force in 2018, it’s vital your business is ready. We’re here to help you prepare. Our GDPR whitepaper explores how the new EU ruling is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your data security. Find out how you can transform the challenge into new opportunities.

Download the GDPR whitepaper

Digital transformation

Key lessons on cybercrime

Leading CIOs tell us about their security challenges.

Watch the security challenges video

New opportunities

How next-generation technologies benefit businesses.

Watch the new opportunities video

Security: it’s good to talk

Weaving security into the fabric of your business.

Watch the security roundtable

Talking security

Find out what makes our security experts tick.

Listen to the podcast

Security infrastructure

Discussing security with CIOs from leading firms.

Tune in to the talk

Digital transformation

The key to success or a security risk too far?

Watch the digital transformation video

Cultural factors

Exploring how they affect security for organisation.

Watch the video

Security is changing

How can organisations adapt to the biggest changes?

Watch the video on adapting to change
GDPR and your business

Huge fines mean breaking GDPR could break your business – unless you take steps to safeguard yourself.

DDoS protection

Safeguard yourself against DDoS attacks with a single, simple platform for detection and protection.

Safeguard my network

Let the security team protect your business with a designed, deployed and fully managed firewall, 24/7.

It’s official – we’re global leaders in security

BT moves from Major Player into the Leaders Category in the IDC MarketScape report: Global Managed Security Services Vendor Assessment.

This report highlights the key strengths of our security portfolio. It calls out our capacity to seamlessly integrate a broad range of managed services with a customer's BT-provided WAN, LAN and data centre solutions.

The report also highlights the fact that “an extensive network gives BT the insight into attacks so that BT can watch, learn, predict, and respond to the latest threats.”

Other strengths identified include:

• “Focus on big data analytics, threat intelligence and complementary services.”

• “BT has made strides in addressing enterprise challenges of migrating to the cloud and as a result provides enterprises guidance to migrate to the cloud securely using BT's cloud partnerships and other vendor technologies.”

• “BT combines its own innovation with partner technology that may include market leaders or innovating technology from emerging start-ups.”

• “BT makes a practice of developing flexible pricing and payment options and for methods of acquiring and retaining talent. BT uses a variety of tools to identify talent and invests time and resources in developing cybersecurity talent — an example is the BT Security Academy.”

Download the IDC MarketScape report (438 KB)