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Intelligent connectivity

Imagine a network that can imagine the future

With BT’s intelligent connectivity, your network actively adapts to the future, so your business stays agile.



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 What is intelligent connectivity?

The network you need to underpin your digital transformation journey

Intelligent connectivity is pivotal to helping you achieve a smarter digital future. Whether you’re moving to the Cloud, embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), refining big data or embarking on structural change, intelligent connectivity is key.

It’s the combination of network access, management and software that will help you improve performance and efficiency on your network.

And by having the right network in place, you’re on the front foot when it comes to managing what comes next for you and your organisation.

Digital transformation – how not to lose out

Despite enormous tech investments in every sector, only a small per cent of businesses make the most of their efforts. Everything to do with your business is changing. Technology, expectations, regulations, the way employees work. Even the way your business can operate. Most companies want to embrace the change and move quickly towards a more efficient digital future. So why are some losing out?

BT - a partner you can count on

The scale of digital transformation has created a host of new opportunities. If you want to take advantage of the digital innovations best-suited to your business, you need a partner working at the forefront of this change.

When you partner with BT, we’ll keep your business thriving while we shape your digital future. We have the expertise, the understanding, and the real-world know-how to maximise your opportunities, and anticipate the challenges you’ll face.

And, as a managed services provider, we’ll be there for your entire journey. We’ll help you get the most out of Cloud technologies, while keeping your business and your customers safe. 

Imagine a network that can imagine the future

Managed SD-WAN from BT. Designed to help you manage tomorrow

The future will change everything. It will bring new ways of working, new technology and new challenges. Your business needs a network that can meet these challenges. Managed SD-WAN from BT brings greater connectivity and control across all your devices and applications. Making it possible to react faster and work smarter. Manage the future with confidence, with Managed SD-WAN from BT.

SD-LAN puts you in the driving seat, BT keeps you on the road

SD-LAN gives you a clear view of all the devices, users and applications accessing your wired and wi-fi networks. And automation lets you push out instant updates to applications, set automatic rules to deploy policies, apply security patches, and segment your network into different user groups, all from a single management and command centre.

If SD-LAN puts you in the driving seat, our maintenance options and remote technical support keep you on the road.

Existing large business customers

If you’re already an existing Corporate or Public Sector customer with us, please get in touch with your account team or account manager to discuss how our Intelligent Connectivity solutions could help your business.