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Conference calling - meetings made easy

Video, web, and audio conference call solutions that empower your collaboration, without the travel or expense. Call us for a quote today.

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Video and Web Conference Solutions

Conference calling is brilliant if you’ve got a few people working on a project, preparing a presentation, or writing a document. With more and more businesses adopting remote and flexible working, it’s important that employees They don’t need to get together in the same room to do it – they can dial in to a conference call in an instant, share a screen, and get to work.

And conferencing eliminates the need to get everyone to a venue to see a presentation. You can get up to 2,500 people on a conference call, watching it on their computer from wherever they are in the world.

Just think what they could do with all the travel time they’ll save. And think how much lower their expenses claims could be.

So if you want to get the benefits that conference calling will bring, call 0800 778 877 and get your quote today.

Video conferencing

Audio Conferencing

At BT we make connection effortless – and our audio-conferencing solutions make dial-in conference calls with all with your team a breeze, wherever they are.

BT MeetMe

Let participants dial in regardless of their location and choose toll-free or local numbers and connect to the meeting. BT MeetMe is ideal for everyday calls among your team and staying close to your clients.

BT Event Calls

For bigger gatherings, like results presentations and shareholder meetings, choose BT Event Calls. You get a guaranteed line for as many people as you want, plus you can choose features like voting systems, Q&A management tools, and live video streaming, all at short notice

All calls are recordable, totally secure with attendance strictly controlled, and come with 24-hour support, every day of the year. And we make it easy to join from over 50 countries.

Video Conferencing

Have face-to-face meetings from different locations.

BT MeetMe Video lets you hold meetings, interviews, training sessions and more, anytime and anywhere.

And you don’t need any special kit: join with a smartphone. It also works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, dedicated video devices, and specialist video meeting rooms, so face-to-face chats are always within reach.

Web Conferencing

Add web to audio and your call becomes more than just a voice.

You can share anything that appears on your PC screen. Results presentations, PowerPoint training, product demonstrations. Whatever you need to show to others, they see it on their PC while you talk them through it.

It’s recordable, too. So if someone can’t make it, they can download the meeting to see and hear exactly what went on.

Why BT Business?

Over 25 years’ experience

We’ve provided conferencing for businesses for over 25 years

Round-the-clock support

24/7 support for you and everyone on the conference

Better audio quality

We’ve paired with Dolby Voice to give you better audio quality


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Conference Calling Service FAQs

How do conference calls work?
Conference calls let more than two people connect at once, so you can talk and collaborate with your team, or hold larger events with many different people simultaneously. Participants use a passcode to connect to the conference call and can dial in from loads of different devices.

Is a conference call a video call?
A conference call can be audio-only or include video depending on your needs.