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Audio, web, and video conference calls for swift meetings without any travel time or expense



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Conference calls get people together instantly, wherever they are

Working together

Conferencing is brilliant if you’ve got a couple of people or more working on a project, preparing a presentation, or writing a document. They don’t need to get together in the same room to do it, they can dial in to a conference call in an instant, share a screen, and get to work. Why waste time when you could just make a call instead?


There’s no need to get everyone to a venue to see a presentation when you can get up to 2500 people on a conference call, watching it on their computer. From wherever they are in the world. And less travel, with lower CO2 emissions and congestion, means you can nail some of those corporate responsibility issues with a little help from conferencing.  

Video transcript

Today we work in high-pressure environments. There are so many demands on our time that no matter how hard we work, it often feels like we're not moving forwards.

Getting to meetings is becoming increasingly difficult. Budgets are tight so business travel is getting tougher and more tightly controlled. And commuting is ever more stressful. With all of these issues, it isn't easy to get the right people to attend your meetings.

In a competitive market, we need better collaboration and faster results. We need to get full value from our interactions. We need to walk away from meetings with clear next steps and agreed actions. We need to do more with less.

At BT, we use smart technology to make people more effective.

Instant meeting rooms are always ready for you. There is no need to book or reserve, you can bring people in on the fly and let them join from anywhere in the world: from other countries, from home, or even from the road. Our technology makes for better interactions with less noise and other frustrations. You can control your meeting environment by muting people that bring noise into your environment.

The unique technology we have at BT means you’re able to switch between platforms to suit your requirements, even as they change. You may begin with an audio meeting and escalate, on the fly, to web conferencing. Or go to our video room for an even higher experience.

At BT, we're not only a trusted brand, we work really hard to make things easier for you, providing all the elements you need to collaborate more effectively.

As well as intuitive best-in-class products we also have an extensive selection of training and help services, available online or live, at your convenience.

Welcome to BT's integrated collaboration portfolio, with audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing, plus streaming.

We bring it all together to make it easier for you. 

Our conferencing services

Audio conferencing

Conference calls are an easy way to get more than two people together over the phone.

We’ve got two types of conference call -  

BT MeetMe

Join people together in a few seconds. All they need is a phone and the dial-in number.  You can jump on a BT MeetMe call instantly; you don’t need to book anything. They’re ideal for everyday calls among your team and staying close to your clients.

BT Event Calls

Use these for bigger gatherings, like results presentations and shareholder meetings. You get a guaranteed line for as many people as you want, plus you can choose features like voting  systems, Q&A management tools, and live video streaming, all at short notice

All calls are recordable, totally secure with attendance strictly controlled, and come with 24 hour support, every day of the year. And we make it easy to join from over 50 countries.

Web conferencing

Add web to audio and your call becomes more than just a voice.

You can share anything that appears on your PC screen. Results presentations,  PowerPoint training, product demonstrations. Whatever you need to show to others, they see it on their PC while you talk them through it.

It’s recordable, too. So if someone can’t make it, they can download the meeting to see and hear exactly what went on.

Video conferencing

Face-to-face meetings without the need for a physical meeting.

BT MeetMe Video gives you get a set of video conferencing meeting passcodes so you can get on a video meeting straightaway, without having to book anything.

You don’t need any special kit: you can join in just using a smartphone. It also works from a variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, dedicated video devices, and specialist video meeting rooms.  

Why BT Business?

We’ll help you and your people use conferencing and all of its features
We’ve been making conferencing work for businesses for over 25 years
24/7/365 support for you and everyone on the conference
We’ve teamed up with Dolby Voice to give your calls better audio quality

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