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BT Cloud Work - message, call and meet in a unified and secure cloud solution

Calls, instant messaging and conferencing are useful tools for connecting your people. But each time your business adopts a new way to communicate you risk adding complexity that can slow your people down. Until now.

With BT Cloud Work, you can unify all your communications services on a single platform. And whether you’re using voicemail, audio or video conferencing, you can access the same powerful features from any device.

BT Cloud Work integrates seamlessly with all your critical business applications and cloud services. So in no time at all, your people will be using the cloud to collaborate like never before.

Plus there’s no need to worry about audio quality – your calls will be the top priority for your network’s bandwidth. And BT Cloud Work’s online portal lets you monitor network performance 24/7 with service reports.

Your business cloud communications transformation starts here.

Your checklist for migrating to the cloud

Replacing your current phone system might seem daunting. We’ve developed a checklist that will help you carry out your migration easily.

Benefits of BT Cloud Work

Drive sales

See how much of a difference BT Cloud Work can make to your bottom line. Faster customer responses allow you to close deals sooner. Easy to use, modern communications technologies keep you competitive and your customers delighted. BT Cloud Work offers a win/win solution that’s better for everyone.

Optimise operations

Maximise the speed of innovation through an integrated approach in moving hardware, software, and operations to the cloud. Strengthen your business continuity strategy by adding remote working technologies to your toolkit, preparing you for unforeseen events.

Reduce costs

Move your communication technology investments from a CAPEX to OPEX model while reducing total cost of ownership by leveraging economies of scale of the cloud. Optimise your IT budget so you can spend more on strategic projects and less on keeping the lights on.

Increase team output

With BT Cloud Work, people across your business can communicate and collaborate in an instant. HD video meetings are naturally immersive, ensuring active participation with digital white boarding and screen sharing apps to drive effectiveness. These tools help you solve customer problems faster. And give your business reputation a big boost.

Enhance employee experience

The easy-to-use nature of BT Cloud Work keeps your employees using IT-approved tools instead of free tools they find themselves that risk your data privacy. Remote working technologies can help your team enjoy a better work/life balance and strengthen your business continuity strategy.

Enhance your customers’ experience

Improves the customer experience by allowing customers to contact you via the medium of their choice – true omnichannel experience when you add in Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).


Enable remote working

Reduce the need and costs of business travel with HD video meetings, digital white boarding, screen sharing and file sharing applications. Enable a remote team overnight if meeting face-to-face poses threats to employee or customer wellbeing. Plus giving employees the flexibility of living where they choose gives you the potential to attract the top talent for your job openings. Not just the talent that lives near your office.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Seven reasons to transform your company's communication with a VoIP solution. So prepare to learn about a phone system that your entire workforce can use, including remote and mobile workers, and ways to improve your critical business systems.

Watch our BT Cloud Work webinar

We recently hosted a webinar focusing on the technology and tools that can support businesses and provide positive outcomes even in the coronavirus pandemic.

Enjoy expert insights from Richard Massey, VP Service Providers, RingCentral EMEA, about how BT Cloud Work is helping businesses across the UK activate remote teams overnight and strengthening business continuity planning.

BT Cloud Work information to download

Stay in control. Seriously reliable. Tailored for you.

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Existing BT Cloud Work customers - contact your account manager

If we’re already providing corporate or public sector solutions for you, please get in touch with your account manager or account team to discuss how BT Cloud Work could help your business.

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