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Unified communications with BT Cloud Work

Help your people get more done, and react to your customers faster

Unified communications – putting cloud collaboration at the heart of your business

Calls, instant messaging, voicemail, conferencing … useful tools for connecting your people. But each time your business adopts a new way to communicate, you risk adding an extra level of complexity that can slow your people down. Until now …

With BT Cloud Work, you unify all your communications services on a single, open platform. And whether you’re using instant messaging, voicemail, call logs or video conferencing, you can access the same powerful features from any device.

What’s more, Cloud Work integrates seamlessly with all your critical business applications and cloud services. So in no time at all, your people will be using the cloud to collaborate like never before. And you’ll be surprised at the time and money you’ll save when you don’t have to manage and maintain multiple services. Just one of the many benefits of unified communications.

Plus there’s no need to worry about audio quality – your calls will be the top priority for your network’s bandwidth. And Cloud Work’s online portal lets you monitor network performance 24/7, and can deliver regular quality of service reports.

Your business communications transformation starts here. Get in touch today.

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