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Spend less on business calls and get more flexibility

By connecting your phone system to the cloud, you’ll get more flexibility and control – and spend less on your business calls.

With BT Cloud Voice SIP, your calls are made over your internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line. Calls are prioritised over other internet traffic and there’s in-built resilience too, so you’ll always have a great connection.

Moving your calls and phone numbers to BT Cloud Voice SIP is really straightforward; we’ll take care of everything for you.

BT Cloud Voice SIP is great for remote working, and can even be used to set up an entirely new office without spending a fortune on hardware. From just £13 for each channel a month, BT Cloud Voice SIP makes your data network work harder for you.

Video transcript

Whether you've got just a few employees…or lots of them. Chances are, they're all using a telephone system to connect to the world using traditional phone lines.

Add a connection to the internet, and they've got everything they need, but I want to show you how, by just using a BT internet connection, you can save money. And get your telephone system doing even more for you through the cloud. That’s where Cloud Voice SIP comes in.

Internet connections can carry packets of data, emails, documents, pictures, video and much more.

Cloud Voice SIP uses the latest Voice over IP technology, meaning that your BT internet connection can be used for telephone calls as well as your data.

And, at times when your internet is busy handling data, your telephone calls will always take priority. It’s like having a VIP lane on the motorway that lets your call data whizz through.

So, what does this mean for your business?

With your telephone system connected to the cloud, you’ll save money because you don’t need telephone lines.

So, you’ll notice a difference on your monthly bill. And a positive one at that. Your staff may notice a difference, too. They’ll carry on using the same handset and features that they’re used to, but now the call quality is even better. High definition, in fact.

Telephone numbers on Cloud Voice SIP can have any UK dialling code you want, and you can transfer your existing numbers across, too.

Customers can reach you, no matter where you are, because you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to send your calls wherever you want.

You can even add bolt-ons, like call queuing, to give your phone system some handy new features.

And, because Cloud Voice SIP works with our other cloud services, you’ll be able to get additional cloud-based features working hand-in-hand with your telephone system.

You could have your telephone system at one site and a feature-rich cloud service at another, with everything working together seamlessly. Setting up remote workers is really easy, too.

We’re with you every step of the way to make sure your transition to Cloud Voice SIP goes smoothly from ordering and installation, right through to keeping things ticking.

Our UK-based helpdesk is on hand whenever you need us, whether that’s for your BT internet connection, phone system, Cloud Voice SIP or any of your other BT services.

With Cloud Voice SIP you get the same great sounding calls, and new features that can really make a difference to the way you work. All for less than you'd normally pay.

BT Cloud Voice SIP. Save money and set your phone system free.

What you’ll need for BT Cloud Voice SIP

An internet connection that gives you enough bandwidth – either BTnet or BT Infinity Fibre Broadband

BTnet is our market-leading leased line. It’s a dedicated, private internet connection that you don’t share with anyone else. And because of that, you get fast, guaranteed speeds and reliability, essential for when you’re using the internet for all of your voice traffic.

BT Infinity Fibre Broadband is our superfast broadband service and boasts the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal vs major broadband providers.

Phone system

BT Cloud Voice SIP works seamlessly with BT IP phone systems, so if you’re buying a new phone system you should consider BT Cloud Voice SIP as an alternative to traditional phone lines. Not only can the cost savings help you maximise your investment, it can also help you make the most of the IP productivity and functionality features of the new phone system.

But if you’ve got an existing phone system that you don’t want to replace, it’s no problem – we’ll provide and maintain a SIP gateway so you can choose BT Cloud Voice SIP. Ask us about it when you call.

Discover the benefits of BT Cloud Voice SIP

Reduced call costs

Prices start from just £13 for each channel a month, which includes unlimited UK calls.

Plus BT Cloud Voice SIP comes with a generous call allowance, free calls between BT Cloud Voice SIPs, and a simple, low-cost pricing structure with no spend commitments.

Transform your phone system

With BT Cloud Voice SIP, you can add remote workers and connect them together, and even set up a new office without spending a fortune on hardware.

BT Cloud Voice SIP works hand-in-hand with our other services, and gives you the option to combine cloud-based features with the benefits of your phone system.

Make the most of your existing network investment

No separate line needed for calls.

You'll just have one network, which means it's also simpler for your IT team to manage.

Reassurance that call quality will never be compromised

Our Quality of Service (QoS) prioritises your calls over other data. Even if you’re using the rest of your bandwidth, your voice calls will always get through.

With BT Cloud Voice SIP, there’s always an amount of bandwidth dedicated for voice calls. And with call quality just like traditional phone lines, users won’t notice a difference.

Keep people connected

BT Cloud Voice SIP offers more business continuity options than a traditional phone network, so a disaster doesn’t have to be disastrous.

For example, with BT Cloud Voice SIP you can redirect individual extension numbers to numbers of your choice. This delivers much more robust resilience than on a traditional voice network. 

And, with voice calls running over your data connection, your voice will also automatically run over any back-up or resilient BTnet that you have in place for disaster recovery. This can help save money on a separate and dedicated voice back-up option.

Extensively tested (for your peace of mind)

BT Cloud Voice SIP has been extensively tested and works seamlessly with BTnet, BT Infinity Broadband, and BT phone systems.

Market your business with local numbers wherever you are

You can promote your business locally regardless of your location.

Non-geographic numbers mean that your phone number is no longer tied to the range of numbers available in your local telephone exchange. Open up new business opportunities by creating a local presence, nationally.     

Take your numbers with you wherever you move to

With BT Cloud Voice SIP your numbers stay with you, even if you’re moving premises.

Unlike with traditional phone lines, your numbers are no longer tied to your local telephone exchange so, even if you move to a different part of the country, you can take all of your numbers – and the customers who know them - with you.

Help and support available, whenever you need it

We’ve got a dedicated helpdesk to support you with all elements of your IP solution: SIP channels, phone system, and BTnet. That means a single point-of-contact; one number and not being passed from one agent to another.

Why BT Business?

Local expertise

Get the right solution for your business from BT Local Business experts

Outstanding service

Unbeatable local knowledge, national resources, and personal service

The personal touch

We’ll get to know you and your business challenges

Industry leader

We’re the UK’s leading provider of phone systems


Do I need anything already to get BT Cloud Voice SIP?

Yes, you’ll need to have BTnet or BT Infinity Broadband with a compatible phone system, or BT SIP Trunk Gateway.

What happens to my calls in the event of a disaster?

With BT Cloud Voice SIP, if for any reason the service fails (e.g. network failure or natural disaster) then calls to BT Cloud Voice SIP channels can automatically re-route to other phone lines or mobiles.

What phone systems are compatible?

BT phone systems (such as the Avaya IP Office and Mitel MiVoice) are compatible with BT Cloud Voice SIP. But if you have another phone system you could still take BT Cloud Voice SIP by using our BT SIP Trunk Gateway.

If I have BT Cloud Voice SIP and move premises can I take my phone numbers with me?

Yes, the numbers are IP-based and not tied to a telephone exchange, so you can have any geographic phone numbers and take them with you wherever you move.

Is the call quality as good as on a standard BT line?

Yes. BT Cloud Voice SIP offers Quality of Service (QoS) with voice calls prioritised across the BTnet network, so you can be assured of high quality. 

Can I discuss my options with someone in person, rather than on the phone?

Yes, we’ll put you in touch with your Local BT Business and they can arrange to visit you.


Discover all the benefits of BT Cloud Voice SIP

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