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The future is now: future-proof your business

Our brand-new show gives insights, hints and tips from trailblazing digital-first businesses who are shaping the future. What they’re doing today, we’ll all be doing tomorrow.

Get ahead of the game – watch now



First up, we’ve got some inspiration from an esports brand to share with you. How are they ahead of the game?

Excel Esports has been described as a bold, British esports organisation with a global fanbase. The co-founders – and brothers – Joel and Kieran Holmes-Darby, share their thoughts on being a digital-first business, and how technology has been vital to their journey. What lessons can we learn from them?

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Chapter 1 – Who are Excel Esports?

Steph McGovern introduces you to our two digital heroes, Joel and Kieran.

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Chapter 2 – More than a game

Joel and Kieran talk business and their digital transformation journey.

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Chapter 3 – Behaving like a broadcaster

Creating an agile team culture – and its importance in the business world.

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Chapter 4 – How brands work

Keeping an eye on the competition – and what you can learn from them. And some final top tips from Joel and Kieran. 

Digital transformation – from those who know the ropes

Catch up on our digital transformation event. We were joined by media leaders Archant, the trailblazing Excel Esports, and our very own Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Michael Sherman. They talked about how successful digital transformation has strong leadership at its core. It’s too good to miss. 

Time for a new take on business transformation?

Today’s most innovative young companies are showing us there’s more than one way to ready yourself for the future. Our Managing Director of Commercial and Marketing, Chris Sims, looks at what businesses of all sizes can learn from today’s most exciting newcomers.

Digital domination

Want to find out more about our digital-first heroes, Joel and Kieran? Take a peek at our follow up article, where the brothers spill the business beans in more detail. How do they run a successful digital business?

Digital skills for the future

Feel inspired by our digital heroes? Our Skills for Tomorrow programme offers free online courses to help businesses of all sizes get ready for the future.


Change is on the horizon

We want you to be ahead of the game. Our top tech can help you get the edge on the competition. Let’s make a change. Together.

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