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Business Insights


Feeling inspired?

We hold lots of exciting events here at BT. We want to inspire – and give businesses the tools they need to be ready for the future.

Take a look at anything we’ve got coming up – you can register for as many events as you want. And if you can’t make it, no problem. We’ve also got recordings of all our past events for you to watch. And it’s all right here.  

Uncover your innovation opportunities

We dived into our annual tech survey results to uncover innovation opportunities for organisations like yours. We spoke to businesses that have turned potential into action, the trends that are shaping today’s business landscape, and also spoke to industry experts about the potential of tech. 

Building Business Resilience – event recap

The last twelve months have been more unpredictable than ever, making business resilience more important than ever. Embracing the latest tech can help drive business forward so you’re ready for whatever the future brings.

Learn new digital skills today

Whether you’re just starting our or ready to scale up, learn the tools and techniques you need to make your business or career a success.