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In our latest episode of The Future is Now, Live! we delved into the world of innovation made possible with next-gen connectivity. We chatted to organisations leading the way with 5G and IoT - and discovered the ways it’s going to change the way we live and work forever. Why not take a look at some tech in action?

How’s technology shaping the future?

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The city of the future

Brian Matthews Head of Transport Innovation, Milton Keynes Council. John Davies Chief Researcher, BT

We’ve been working closely with Milton Keynes Council to change the city forever. Find out how we’re aiming to reduce up to 50% of traffic congestion by transforming operations, increasing efficiency, improve commuter experience, and save costs – all through the wonders of IoT.

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How can tech create a greener planet?

Alan Lees Scotland Director, BT. Andrew Tyler Professor of Environmental Science, University of Stirling

How can tech help organisations to achieve net-zero? We discuss Scotland’s green recovery programme with Andrew Tyler, Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Sterling. How can IoT, satellite data, and AI make a difference?

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The fourth industrial revolution

Phil Siveter Chief Executive Officer UK&I, Nokia

Phil Siveter, Chief Executive Officer of Nokia UK&I, discusses how 5G is bringing about a new industrial revolution. The network is set to bring new ways of flexible and productive working across all industries. Sound intriguing? 

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Tech in action

Lisa Perkins Adastral Park and Research Realisation Director at Adastral Park BT

Let’s see some tech in action in real-life industry scenarios. Lisa Perkins, Director of our innovation hub Adastral Park, takes us through a live demonstration of what 5G and IoT has made possible. How could you harness this tech in your business? 

Let’s jump back

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