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Active Intelligence

Insights with depth. Understand how customers behave for smarter decision making.

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Our actionable insights can help your business to

Improve customer experience

Understand your customers and put them at the centre of decision making

Drive optimisation

Identify where you should focus your efforts and create even more value

Increase revenue and support your business cases

Increase revenue and strategic efficiency

Stay ahead of competition

Learn how your target audience engages with your brand - and competitors

Manage risk

Mitigate investment and physical risk 

Understanding change

Ensure your business makes decisions based on the most recent behaviours

The biggest and the best mobile data set in the UK

We blend cutting edge data science with machine learning to analyse the location, movement and web and app behaviours of your target demographic. Allowing us to provide actionable insights into how your customers behave.

We use data from EE giving us insights created from over 24 million devices. EE operate the biggest and fastest 4G and 5G mobile network in the UK and were awarded UK’s best network for six years in a row by RootMetrics®.

That means we have all the tools to bring clarity, focus and precision to your business, marketing and policy decisions.

Helping you answer the important questions

We're equipped to partner with businesses from a wide-range of sectors to use anonymised data in order to make actionable business decisions.

Government and Public Sector

With the changing nature of daily patterns and behaviours this data can be used to identify and monitor a range of behaviours. This can be used to support and understand the impact of both policy and decision making in terms of the economy, environment and drive towards net zero as well as topical items such as lockdowns and impact of Brexit.


Our data is uniquely placed to create insights for transport authorities and public transport providers. The BT Road Monitoring system provides a range of insights across your road network path by path or equally our zonal based products are ideal as inputs into origin destination models or to understand all movements across your authority area or areas where you operate transport services.


Large, medium and small scale infrastructure projects require both business cases to be created as well pre and post implementation monitoring. Our dataset has a strong track record of both justifying funding and the ongoing monitoring of improvements and assets.

Retail and Real-Estate

Benefit from one of the UK’s largest datasets to understand shopper behaviour and make better informed investment decisions. Analyse and quantify demand and the extent of catchments across your existing estate or the economic potential of new locations.

Media and Out of Home Advertising

Harness dynamic insights to optimise media plans and better understand where and when to reach your target audiences. Maximise the efficiency and reach of campaigns through the analysis of commuting patterns, demographic variance, weblog behaviours and many more trend level insights associated to dwelling populations at location across the UK.

Success stories

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Connect Plus Services and Highways England

See how Active Intelligence helped continuous monitoring of traffic on Europe’s busiest motorway.

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Learn how our data helped better understand target audiences in order to get the best return on advertising.

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Wembley Stadium

Find out how using our data helped deliver insight into the visitors attending Wembley Stadium.

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Discover how Active Intelligence can use app analytics to increase revenue.

Big business comes with big responsibilities

No personal information is ever shared. Privacy and security processes are at the heart of everything we do. We only ever share anonymised and aggregated data.

We can understand how people move and behave without ever identifying individuals.