Business success stories: Pet Food Online

​​Behind the scenes at a young pet food sales business


Adam Taylor came up with the idea for PetShopBowl after he was made redundant from Lehman Brothers following their collapse in 2008. He moved back to live with his mum and defaulted to the role of food buyer for the family dog.

The idea for PetShopBowl came to Adam when he was shopping with his mum.

‘She struggled with heavy items, like dog food. So she’d put it off – it was an ongoing problem’.

‘I realised that nobody was delivering pet food using an e-commerce model’, he said.

So, along with his girlfriend, Lexi, he set about building PetShopBowl: an e-commerce company that sells all types of pet food and delivers it straight to the customer’s door.

Being an e-commerce site, connectivity is crucial: for taking orders, booking deliveries, and replenishing stock. Customer service is a top priority for the company and they stay in constant communication with their customers through email and social media.

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