MJ Quinn case study: improving IT system management

​BT helps MJ Quinn achieve smart data management

MJ Quinn provides everything a building needs to support business, ranging from telecoms and fire systems to lighting and air cooling. With over 1,500 field engineers who complete around 6,000 jobs each and every day, IT systems are absolutely critical to the successful running of the MJ Quinn operation.

Running to stand still

MJ Quinn relies on its IT system to plan and support business operations. On-going work is continually managed throughout the day to keep everything on track and ensure every job is completed on time. Without a reliable system, they simply wouldn’t be able to operate.

Steve Cairns, CIO of MJ Quinn says, “The importance of IT to our operation is paramount. It cannot, simply cannot, be separated from what we do”.

MJ Quinn’s existing IT system was struggling to deal with the huge growth the company had seen over recent years. The platform wasn’t able to cope with the workload and employees had to operate two systems and manually transfer information from one to the other.

The challenge

The platform was becoming increasingly unreliable and system downtime was having an impact on customer service. Steve Sullivan, MD integrated services at MJ Quinn comments: “We were having great difficulties in getting the workflow through to our operatives and when we did manage it, we couldn’t receive feedback on outcomes in a timely manner.”

System failures were increasingly disrupting the flow of information coming from customers. As a result, delays occurred when customer information hadn’t been processed causing a further knock-on effect as the business tried to catch up.

Interruptions to the workflow weren’t the only problem. Running two systems at the same time and relying on manual inputs from staff meant that there were opportunities for mistakes and valuable resources were being wasted.

The solution

MJ Quinn needed to cut out down-time and build a much more reliable system. They needed a platform that would give them flexibility to make changes to their systems whenever the business demanded it, as well as the ability to scale up quickly to meet future business growth. BT Managed Compute provides MJ Quinn with a highly resilient system with the flexibility to both expand and scale back service, as and when needed.

Since going over to the BT Managed Compute solution we’ve seen performance increase by 18 per cent.

MJ Quinn has become a world class services company. We’ve put in place world class software to support our operation and we needed a world class platform for this software to run on. BT Managed Compute has given us that platform.

Steve Cairns, CIO, MJ Quinn

Software developments now enable the system to take over and semi-automate some support tasks. The productivity of field engineers has improved considerably thanks to the new mobile-worker interfaces and, importantly, MJ Quinn has built its own environment to develop advanced software to improve both efficiency and the service their customers receive.

Outsourcing datacentre requirements has had very positive effects, as Steve Cairns explains: “The fact that all of our computing power is located in Newport in the BT Datacentre makes zero difference to the way our controllers and planners go about their work. As far as we’re concerned, the computing power is exactly the same as if it were sitting under their desk, though it’s actually in a safer environment with more scope to improve performance, but with less cost, less lead time — and less hassle.”

Smooth, secure and reliable

The new solution has provided MJ Quinn with a stable and reliable platform on which to develop the software they need to ensure work streams are consistently monitored. If a task is running over the schedule agreed with the client, the system automatically flags this and action is immediately taken.

“Since we moved onto BT Managed Compute we’ve not had a single outage. That has made a massive difference to our day-to-day operation”, reports Steve Cairns.

The BT Managed Compute solution allows us to scale new heights with best-in-class performance and customer service.

Steve Sullivan, MD integrated services, MJ Quinn

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