Defence Business Internet for efficient and flexible working

For the MoD, the flow of data is key to enabling information superiority and improving job satisfaction for service personnel. Glen Ashby, BT Sales Director Defence Sector, explains why.

Information superiority

The Defence Business Internet (DBI) is a flexible working solution for the MoD, providing wi-fi infrastructure and mobility solutions to let people work anywhere, at any time.

It means that whether army, navy, or RAF service men and women are at their desk, on the base, or elsewhere, they’ll always have access to business-grade wi-fi. So they can complete tasks on the go, making sure that information is shared as quickly as possible, as well as cutting down on wasted time and frustrating processes.

Secure sign-on

DBI offers free access at official security level, with single sign-on, identity management, and central authentication. It provides a secure system for authorised personnel to log into, from any site or device.

Plus, with more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots, there are plenty of locations beyond the base where it’s possible to capture this level of secure, flexible working and mobility — improving operational readiness.

Beyond the base

Moving beyond the base isn’t just about location, though. Along with access to military applications, the DBI also provides connectivity to routine services like travel bookings and expense submissions.

This means that there’s far less paperwork to complete and MoD personnel can enjoy flexible working across a broader range of tasks.

Making sure that personnel stationed away from home have access to social media helps them stay in contact with their friends and family, and improves morale, motivation, and job satisfaction. Adapting service life to meet modern needs and requirements helps attract and keep the best men and women for our armed forces.

To compete for the best people in society our Armed Forces must offer a career that better reflects the realities of modern life. Allowing greater flexibility over how long and where people work will help attract and keep the talent we need to keep Britain safe.

Michael Fallon, Secretary of State for Defence

What’s more, this solution includes equipment installation and hosting, 24/7 support, threat management, and free access to BT’s five million wi-fi hotspots.

Glen Ashby, Sales Director — Growth, Defence Sector, BT. 

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