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Public Sector departments, councils, ministries, and agencies across the UK are boldly re-thinking how they can deliver better, joined-up services at less cost.

How can they work more effectively, making more informed decisions that put the citizen at the centre of integrated public services?

At BT, we believe in using the power of technology to connect people, information, and know-how for a better future in public services. Our market-leading networked IT and communications services – combined with our track record, expertise, and commitment to innovation – enable Public Sector organisations of all kinds to meet their challenges today and to innovate for a better tomorrow.

We all know the public sector is under increasing pressure – financial cutbacks, higher service expectations, demographic shifts, and economic dynamics. So making incremental improvements is no longer an option – you’ve already done that. You realise you need to boldly re-think how you can deliver better, joined-up services at less cost. How you can put the citizen at the centre of integrated public services. In a word, transform.

We believe this transformation cannot happen without making technology play an even bigger role than it does today. How do we know? Because this is our bread and butter. For decades, we’ve been using technology to help transform defence, police, local government, central government, and health – and we know there’s a lot more it can do.

We’ve long been at the forefront of improving public sector service delivery through visionary technological transformation. From major contracts like N3 in health and the DFTS in defence, to enabling police forces, local authorities, and health trusts to work more effectively, securely sharing information and utilising key resources more effectively.

We believe we understand better than anyone else the immense challenges you face – because we’ve been working alongside you as they've arisen. And we can help you find new, innovative ways to connect public services to the people – and bring people closer to public services.

Our vision for the Public Sector in the UK is to help you:

  • Transform your organisation – by providing business processes as a service, managing IT infrastructure and operations, reducing your infrastructure and estate costs.
  • Better-enable your frontline workers – through mobile working, anywhere learning, field automation, and inventory tracking.
  • Improve citizen services – through multi-channel contact management and vertical propositions like Connected Policing.
  • Share information – bringing in more organisations to enable more informed decision making in the increasingly complex cases that the public sector deal with.
  • Innovate for change – taking you through our open innovation process to see how you could exploit the potential of things like sensory networks, big data, and intelligent energy management.
  • Protect your networks and data from cyber attacks

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