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Technology is enabling transformative change in UK policing

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Technology is creating a more agile Digital Force

Policing is changing. Forces face new challenges from increasingly digital communities. But technology offers new opportunities to gather intelligence, collect and share digital evidence, and better serve the public.

BT is enabling that change through digital transformation. We’re a trusted provider of cost-effective digital solutions for the public sector. And our Connected Policing Model will help you collaborate with other forces, empower your officers and prepare your force for a smarter digital future.

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Always connected, always ready

Empower and support the digital officers of tomorrow by allowing them to access and utilise the information they need, wherever they are.

Connected policing

Align increased demands with smaller budgets

Our intelligent connectivity solutions can foster a more productive and cost-effective digital force.

Intelligent connectivity

Build a smarter digital police force

See how digital transformation can transform the working environment for your officers, make your service delivery more efficient, and help you cut costs.

Digital transformation

Protect your organisation and your people

Keep your data safer, protecting victims, and securing police case information with a bespoke security solution.

Examining cyber security

Surveillance Solutions from BT

See how smarter digital surveillance can help you to keep the public safe.

Surveillance Solutions
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We are a Crown Commercial Service supplier for Public Sector Frameworks

Our presence on national and local government procurement frameworks means you can reduce procurement time and costs

Case studies, insights and downloads

Digital Evidence Management

Our Digital Evidence Management technology can help you manage and process data faster.

Changing UK policing

Using evidence more effectively could make you more efficient and save your organisation money.

Digital Evidence Management brochure [PDF 1.7MB]

A new way of policing

BT is an established trusted partner, already helping UK police forces transform their way of working through digital technology.

Digital policing brochure [1 MB]

Connecting with UK communities

Helping Devon and Cornwall police connect with their digital community in the modern policing environment.

Data-driven policing

In a data-driven world, how can forces maintain public trust, and meet the challenges of modern policing?

Police foundation report [1.48KB]

Existing public sector customers

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We’re happy to talk through the technology solutions we can offer to support your public sector organisation.