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How to get the right products and IT support to stay open

If you can be there whenever your customers need you, you’re more likely to keep them happy – and coming back. So, how can you make sure you’re open for business, at your best, and ready to deliver in an always-on world?

The answer lies in getting the right technology and support to power your business. By choosing the most reliable products and services – and making sure they’re backed by expert business IT support – you’ll be able to stay open when it matters most.

We’ve got the technology – and the people – to keep you open and at your best when your customers need you. So, we’ve put together a guide to our products and services that can help.

Internet you can rely on, with 24/7 business support

There are more ways than ever for your customers to get in touch with you. And having a reliable connection means you can be ready for them – whenever they need you. But a reliable connection is only half of it. It’s about having 24/7 support, too. So, if something does go wrong, you can get back online quickly, and stay open when it matters most.

Get broadband with built-in support

If there’s a problem with your broadband, it pays to get back online again as soon as possible. In other words, you need broadband with built in IT support. Ideally, your connection would automatically tell your provider if there’s a problem. And it’d give you a backup connection to work on while your provider gets your main one back online. That might sound like a fantasy, but that’s exactly what broadband with 4G Assure does.

How to get broadband with 4G Assure, and how it works

You can get 4G Assure with a range of our broadband packages, including Superfast and Ultrafast fibre. It lets us know automatically if there’s ever a problem with your connection, with a 4G dongle kicking in at the same time. That means you can carry on working over 4G, while we work to fix your broadband connection. It all happens in a flash and when it’s fixed, it’ll switch straight back to broadband. The whole thing’s so smooth, you might not even know there’s been a problem.

If disaster strikes, get a fix in five hours on our leased lines

When your internet connection is the cornerstone of your business and nothing less than 100% availability will do, a dedicated leased line is the answer. And because it’s so important, you’ll want the reassurance that if anything does go wrong, you could be back up and running in just five hours.

Get a leased line with a five-hour fix time – and how it works

Our BTnet and BTnet Express dedicated leased lines give you a market leading 100% availability built in to the SLA. If anything does go wrong, our UK-based technical support team will spring into action. They’ll go all out to get you back up and running within five hours; day, night, or weekend. And for any time you’re without service, we’ll give you service credits to make up for it.

Call the IT experts when you need them most

When you’re at the heart of a small or medium business, you can’t do it all. And when it comes to technology, having a team of experts to call can be invaluable. Especially when you need a little help to get you going again.

Fix everyday niggles with IT technical support

Having the BT Tech Heads team to call on can really pay off, especially if you’re not up to speed with the latest IT developments. With them on the end of the phone, you’ll get the support you need. So it’s easy to tackle those IT and broadband troubles fast.

How to get 24/7 support from BT Tech Heads

You get BT Tech Heads with a range of broadband options, including Superfast and Ultrafast fibre. They’ll give you free support for up to three of your computers. They can even remotely take over your computer to sort out a problem or show you what to do. And they’re available 24/7, so no matter when a niggly problem crops up, you can quickly get back to business.

Call on next level 24/7 IT support for the trickier stuff

Having the right support on hand for everyday IT issues is good, but sometimes things need a little more attention. Like removing a virus that’s slowing you down. That’s why we offer Enhanced IT Support to help with uncommon or complex problems.

How to get Enhanced IT Support, and how it works

You can add Enhanced IT Support to any of our broadband packages. You can even add it to broadband from any UK internet service provider. One licence covers up to five of your PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets for just a small monthly price. It’s just like having a clever team of technicians in your business, except they’re on the end of the phone. Whenever you need them – 24/7, 365 days a year. They’ll cover things like reinstalling operating systems and removing viruses, to help your business stay open.

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