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UniCORN Partnership framework

Achieving savings in the Public Sector through collaborative purchasing

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The UniCORN Partnership is a public sector contract that allows eligible organisations to purchase products and services, leveraging the combined buying power of all UniCORN Partners.

Our vendor network

We have access to over 350 internationally recognised brands within the ICT sector to draw capability from including Avaya, Cisco, Dimension Data, Fujitsu, Huawei, Ipanema, Mitel, Polycom, Vodafone, EE, O2, Microsoft, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media Business, Verint, Unify and a number of BT Group businesses.

You may be assured that UniCORN will endeavour always to find the most cost effective solution from this vendor community at all times.

The UniCORN client team

There is a dedicated team of people that comprise the UniCORN Client Team, working on Partners’ and potential Partners’ behalf. This team may be contacted for any specific enquiries at unicorn.partnershipclient@surreycc.gov.uk

Our service catalogue

To make working with the UniCORN Partnership as easy as possible we’ve summarised the various categories of products and services available to Partners below:

Existing Services

  • LAN
  • WAN
  • SIP Trunks
  • Broadband
  • Voice Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Fibre Optics
  • Switchboard & PBX
  • Managed IP Services
  • Contact Centre Services
  • Internet & Intranet Services
  • Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Mobile Devices
  • Wireless & WiFi
  • Mobile Solutions & Smart Phones

 Future Services

  • Data Services
  • Cameras, Radios
  • Satellite Services
  • Mobility Services
  • CCTV & Access Systems
  • Telemetry & Telematics
  • Remote Working & Access
  • Photographic & Film Products
  • TV, Radio & Broadcast Services
  • Email & Unified Communications
  • Audio Visual Hardware & Services

 If you would like to see the full OJEU catalogue detailed under the relevant CPV codes you’ll see these listed below.

 It’s usually pretty clear whether a particular product or service is included, however if you’re not sure please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you determine how best to proceed. 

Detailed CPV codes

The following is the definitive list of the scope of products and services as detailed in the original OJEU notice down to sub-level 3. For specific category enquiries to sub-level 4 please email us on unicorn.partnershipclient@surreycc.gov.uk and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs.

32000000 – Radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment
32250000 – Mobile telephones
32400000 – Networks
32410000 – Local area network
32412000 – Communications network
32412100 – Telecommunications network
32412110 – Internet network
32413000 – Integrated network
32417000 – Multimedia networks
32420000 – Network equipment
32424000 – Network infrastructure
32425000 – Network operating system
32428000 – Network upgrade
32430000 – Wide area network
32500000 – Telecommunications equipment and supplies
32510000 – Wireless telecommunications system
32520000 – Telecommunications cable and equipment
32521000 – Telecommunications cable
32522000 – Telecommunications equipment
32523000 – Telecommunications facilities
32524000 – Telecommunications system
32531000 – Satellite communications equipment
32562200 – Optical telecommunication cables
32570000 – Communications equipment
32571000 – Communications infrastructure
32572000 – Communications cable
45231600 – Construction work for communication lines
45232300 – Construction and ancillary works for telephone and communication lines
45232332 – Ancillary works for telecommunications
45314300 – Installation of cable infrastructure
50330000 – Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
50332000 – Telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services
50334400 – Communications system maintenance services
51300000 – Installation services of communications equipment
64200000 – Telecommunications services
64210000 – Telephone and data transmission services
64227000 – Integrated telecommunications services
72315000 – Data network management and support services
72410000 – Provider services

Service category: No 5 Telecommunications services

NUTS code UKJ23

UniCORN availability

Subject to the approval of the Partnership, organisations that meet any of the following criteria are able to become Partners:

  • Any Local Authority (including groups of Local Authorities) or Public Sector body within the county boundaries of Surrey, Berkshire, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.
  • Schools in Surrey
  • Schools in Berkshire
  • All health authorities, National Health Service Trusts and Primary Care Trusts, social care organisations and any other person(s) or body established or financed under the National Health Service Act 1977 as amended and future bodies (e.g. Foundation Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups) associated with the delivery of healthcare within Surrey, Berkshire and the adjacent counties
  • Police Services in Surrey
  • Fire & Rescue Services in Berkshire
  • Higher and Further Education establishments with sites in Surrey, Berkshire and the adjacent counties
  • Any organisation in Surrey, Berkshire or the adjacent counties, that complies with the JANET Connection Policy (excluding schools except those in Surrey & Berkshire)
  • Voluntary and Community Organisations with a presence in Surrey, Berkshire and the adjacent counties
  • Local offices of national UK public sector bodies located within Surrey, Berkshire and the adjacent counties
  • Private sector organisations where such services are required to enable the private sector organisation to provide services under contract to those public sector organisations listed above
  • Other, smaller, organisations may also use the services where such organisations use services for the delivery of public services in Surrey, Berkshire and adjacent counties.
Partner feedback

Partners benefit from UniCORN in many ways; financial, resourcing, risk, choice and timescales. Some of our Partners share their considered opinions with us:

Mike Davis, Director of Information Management and Technology at CSH Surrey, says: “with UniCORN we not only saw a 25 per cent cost saving compared to our previous network, but also most problems are fixed before we even know about them”.

Partners benefit from UniCORN in many ways: financial, resourcing, risk, choice and timescales. Some of our Partners share their considered opinions with us:

“The schools that have joined so far claim they’ve doubled their network power for a third of the cost, compared to their previous arrangements. We estimate that new UniCORN participants will each save around 20 per cent as soon as they sign up. Beyond that they’ll see the powerful benefits of things like more collaborative working and elimination of duplication in the delivery of public services.” Paul Brocklehurst, Chief Information Officer, Surrey County Council

“In every town we have many different functions, from council tax to rubbish collection, each with its own systems and processes. With UniCORN we can give our customers more joined-up services, while eliminating costly duplication.” Steve Wragge-Morley, Head of Business Systems (Ret’d), Guildford Borough Council.

“The UniCORN implementation of the shared PSN connectivity for Surrey authorities was conducted in a highly professional manner to a short timetable. The ability of the UniCORN team to pull together resources in a cost-effective way has impressed us, and we expect to see greater exploitation of service based solutions in all connected authorities." Stuart Mitchenall, Head of Business Transformation, Tandridge District Council

“The UniCORN implementation has already seen great benefits for many residents through improved shared and joined up services across the UniCORN network. This, together with significant cost savings being realised, gives me great confidence for the future.” Bob Thomas, Strategic ICT Manager, Mole Valley District Council

Partners also have the opportunity to inform and direct how the Partnership evolves in terms of proposition development and how these can be tailored to best meet the requirements of the public sector generally and Partners specifically. 

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