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Get an in-depth view of your call traffic

BT Call Tracker tells you the whole story of your call traffic. It lets you analyse your incoming and outgoing call traffic quickly, easily, and in detail.

Find out how many calls you’re missing, and how many of those hit an engaged tone or no reply. You'll earn how long it takes you to answer calls, and when you need to improve your call answering.

Note: BT Call Tracker replaces Network Call Performance. It works on phone lines, ISDN2e, ISDN30, and Featureline.

Call Tracker features

Detailed reports

Crucial data on your incoming and outgoing calls is presented in report and graph format. Data includes volumes of unsuccessful incoming calls, average time to answer calls and average duration of calls.

Free help and support

You'll find a comprehensive set of easy-to-use FAQs and a full user guide that should answer most questions. If you need more help, call our UK-based helpdesk on 0800 328 2006 or email us at

Things you should know

Terms, conditions and legal stuff

BT Call Tracker has no set up costs or ongoing costs if the service lines you’re asking to be added are included in one of our qualifying BT Calls and Lines packages. If not, charges will apply, click here to see what they are.

The Terms and Conditions can be viewed here, located under Calls and/ or Lines packages section.

We can include your PSTN , ISDN lines and Featureline, but cannot include lines with Call Number Interception or Call Signs, UXDS (this is an exchange type in some rural locations), Broadband, Hosted Voice, SIP, Payphone, Private Circuits or lines not with BT.

Customers on ISDN2e and ISDN30e on AXE10 / System Y exchanges – please note that data is not available on ‘inbound engaged calls’ and any reports will show these as zero.

Set up Call Tracker

Before you can set up Call Tracker you must have a BT Business online account. If you haven’t got one, please register for a BT Business online account now before you fill in the form. If you have an online account, use this form to tell us you want to set up Call Tracker (and what phone numbers you want it on) or to add more phone numbers if you’ve already got it. Please note: by filling in this form, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions in the 'Things you should know' section.

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