More people, more places

Now that we’ve joined forces with EE, we’re able to use EE’s 4G network, which covers more people and more places in the UK than any other network: 75% of the UK landmass - making 4G available in more places in the UK than any other network - and over 98% of the population.

But we know we need to be even better. You need 4G coverage wherever you’re doing business. And that’s why we’re determined to push 4G across even more of the country.

By 2020, we’ll have reached all four corners of the UK, with EE’s 4G network spreading over 95% of the UK landmass.

More people, more places

More speed

EE was the first UK network to launch 4G and now we’re at the front of the pack again, with Fastest 4G.

It’s 4G but with added oomph, giving you an even faster mobile experience.

Everything you do with your connected Fastest 4G compatible device will be quicker, smoother, and just, well, better. You’ll get web pages instantly, without having to wait a frustrating second or two; YouTube videos will play immediately; files will take less time to download ...

Fastest 4G means working on the move will feel as effortless as it does when you’re back at base hooked up to your superfast fibre connection.

More speed

Why choose BT Business?

Free data at 5 million UK BT Wi-fi hotspots
Access to EE’s 4G network, covering 75% of the UK landmass
EE has 4G in more places than any other UK network
Use your plan in the EU

Things you need to know

The small print

Mobile only. 4G speeds depend on location, number of users and plan. Check your coverage at or Compatible device required.

4G IN MORE PLACES THAN ANY OTHER UK NETWORK: Based on results from the RootMetrics® UK RootScore® Report: H1 (Jan – Jun 2017). Tested at locations across the UK with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types, conducting over 23K randomly sampled test cycles. EE tests carried out using 4GEE Max tariff with uncapped speeds. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of EE. Visit ROOTMETRICS.CO.UK for more details.