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Collaborative technology to help you make faster decisions and deliver a better service

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Get the people you need in your meeting – wherever they are

Things get done when you can talk face-to-face. But, these days, teams are spread far and wide. That often means having to take a whole day out for an hour-long meeting.

Get together in a different way. HCS250 is a feature-rich, hosted voice and collaboration solution from BT, based on Cisco technology. By using collaboration tools such as presence, instant and unified messaging, and HD voice and video, it keeps your teams connected with each other and your customers, wherever they are.

And that means faster decisions, better customer service and lower travel costs.

The whole service is hosted in the cloud, and we’ll look after it for you. That reduces the complexity of your overall voice estate and rationalises maintenance costs. Plus, there’s no expensive hardware to pay for up front.

It’s flexible, secure and easy to manage. You can use it on a pay-per-user basis, so it’s cost-efficient and ready to scale up or down as you need it. 

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