Secure Business Backup by Acronis

Safeguard your business data through a unique combination of cloud backup and antimalware technology.

From £4.99/month (exc. VAT)

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Benefits of Secure Business Backup by Acronis

Encrypted cloud backup

Secure Business Backup by Acronis gives you the ability to save all your data in case the unthinkable happens. Even if you were to lose everything, you can simply restore it by logging in to your Acronis service.

Cybersecurity protection

The award-winning Acronis software actively protects you against attacks with built-in cybersecurity and AI learning.

Peace of mind

Secure Business Backup by Acronis comes with an easy-to-use interface. So you can simply ‘set and forget’ to give you all the reliability, control and peace of mind you need.

Affordable prices

Backup and security needn’t require specialist training, nor be expensive. Secure Business Backup by Acronis gives lots of protection for your small business. For just a few pounds.

Five secure business storage options from Acronis

Store your data safely with Secure Business Backup by Acronis. Each licence protects up to ten laptops or desktops, as well as an unlimited number of mobiles and tablets.

You can choose from five levels of storage to suit your business:

250GB storage (5 workstations) – £4.99/month
500GB storage (5 workstations) – £5.99/month
1TB storage (5 workstations) – £7.99/month
1TB storage (10 workstations) – £9.99/month
2TB storage (10 workstations) – £12.99/month

Prices exclude VAT of 20%.

To buy Secure Business Backup by Acronis or find out more, call 0800 028 2075.

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Included with Secure Business Backup by Acronis

One single user interface

Monitor everything at a glance. See all your backup and cybersecurity activity, including blocked ransomware and cryptojacking threats, plus antimalware scan results.

Your choice of storage – from 250GB to 2TB

Choose the amount of storage space for your business needs. Keep up to 999 versions of your backup. Plus, you decide how long you want to keep them for.

Easy-access cloud-based security

Retrieve any file or folder you need from secure cloud backup from any computer or mobile device – wherever and whenever you want. Copy individual files and folders, or simply backup your entire device.

Secure backup for multiple devices

You can use your secure, dedicated storage space to back up up to 10 laptops and desktop computers, as well as unlimited mobile devices and tablets. Never lose your data again.

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