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BT One Phone


Mobiles that put you and your business in control of every call.



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Designed for a business with a mobile workforce with 5 or more employees


Take a standard mobile

It starts a bit like a regular phone contract. You’ll get a SIM card to use in your existing handset (or you can choose a new one).

Give it superpowers

With the help of a mobile app and online portal, you can manage all your business mobiles and calls like you would with an advanced phone system.

And get the whole team involved

With our range of desk phones, your office-based employees can share the same great features.

Video transcript

BT One Phone: for the calls and opportunities you can’t miss.

If you’re the type of business that works on the move.

With offices and people all over the place.

Making sure everyone’s ready to respond can be tricky.

That’s where BT One Phone comes in.

It acts like a mobile, but it thinks like a phone system.

So, instead of managing everyone’s business mobiles separately.

You can join them all up.

And add some pretty clever rules to route calls.

You can set more than one phone to ring at the same time...

…so there’s more chance of it getting answered. 

Or choose who to send your calls to if you’re busy.

And it’s not just calls you can control. It’s everyone’s mobiles too.

Whether you’ve got a few, or a lot, to juggle.

You can set up and remove users, or cancel and block SIMs online.

And use real-time reporting, set data alerts and caps to stay on top of who’s using what.

You can even quickly add international roaming if you need to jet off.

We can set up a dedicated indoor mobile network…

to make sure you get great call quality when in the office too.

And our range of desk phones mean employees who hold the fort.

Can use the same features and appear in the same company directory.

Whatever your needs, we’ll be there to help you, every step of the way.

You’ll get one bill, one support team to call when you need help.

Sign off: And your business can always be there when it matters. 




BT One Phone in action

Hammersmith-based boutique investment bank, FirstCapital, needed a sophisticated phone system to improve communication with clients all over the world.

From taking important calls on the move to being more in control of the deals they’re working on, see how they’ve massively benefited from having BT One Phone at the core of their business.

Call us to discuss the right solution for your business

Arrange a consultation with your BT Local Business specialist now.

9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

This is a sales number only. Please use these numbers for faults and technical queries.

BT One Phone portal (Existing BT One Phone customers only).

Book a sales call back

Included as standard

Manage your calls over a mobile network

Give everyone freedom and control over their business calls.

By managing your calls over a mobile network, you get the flexibility to decide where and when to take them.

Everyone can route their business numbers, including landlines and other mobiles, to their BT One Phone.

Set opening times for some numbers, leaving a line open for the ones that need to get through. Or switch off completely for time with family and friends.

BT One Phone portal

Manage features and preferences online.

Set up call routing for your whole business through our online portal. Have a specific number that calls your whole sales team, for example. Or choose who to send calls to when you’re in meetings with presence-based call routing.

It’s easy to set up and remove users, cancel and block SIMs, or change your call routing on the spot.

BT One Phone portal (Existing BT One Phone customers only).

Extend to your office

Your office-based employees can enjoy the same great features.

Whether it’s with extra mobiles or desk phones, give your office-based employees the same clever call management features and connect everyone to the same system. That way everyone’s on the same page (and in the same directory), so it’s all a little easier to manage.

Brilliant indoor mobile coverage

Add your own indoor mobile network.

If the signal’s not so strong inside your work building, our experts can install an indoor mobile network just for you. It’ll make a big difference to your call quality.

Unlimited UK calls and texts

Unlimited UK minutes and texts, and a choice of data bundles to share, mean you’ll only have one predictable monthly bill. No shocks, no surprises.

Plus, with real-time reporting, data alerts and caps, you can keep on top of who’s using what.

Roam a bit further

Use your allowance of minutes, texts and data in the EU at no extra cost.

And for a small daily fee, you can use it in up to nine Business Zone countries, or 44 World Zone countries. Perfect if you do lots of international roaming.

Access to 4G and over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots

Your people can work outside the office with the same connectivity as within the office.

Plus, with our 5 million free wi-fi hotspots across the UK, you’ll never be far from a great connection.

Free intra-business calls

You'll get free calls between BT One Phone users in your company.

Wi-Fi Calling

Call and text wherever there’s Wi-Fi

Use your mobiles even in places where there’s no mobile signal, by using Wi-Fi services to make and receive calls. Currently supported on LG K8 and Samsung S9 handsets, and will be expanded to other handsets shortly.

4G Calling

Make calls over 4G when there’s no Wi-Fi

Use 4G Calling to make and receive calls wherever there’s coverage, allowing you to stay connected in more places and get better call quality. Currently supported on LG K8 and Samsung S9 handsets, and will be expanded to other handsets shortly.

Dedicated implementation manager

Get expert customer service from day one.

You’ll have a dedicated implementation manager who’ll take care of everything before, during, and after installation (including training all your BT One Phone users).

You’ll have access to the BT One Phone helpdesk and can report lost or stolen SIMs 24/7.

Optional extras

Call Recording

Record all your mobile and desk-based phone calls.

Record all UK calls made to or from your landline, mobile, or extension number.

Easy to set up and manage through an online portal.

Store recorded calls in BT’s UK-based secure data centres for up to 7 years.

No up-front costs; you only pay a monthly subscription for each user.

MobileIron Cloud

Secure and manage all company mobile devices and their data with this industry-leading service.

With MobileIron Cloud, you’ll never worry about the security of your mobile phones and tablets again. You can manage every one from your own online portal – and if a device ever falls into the wrong hands, you can remotely lock it, trace it or wipe it. It’s the easy way to keep customer and business data secure.

  • One simple online portal to control all your mobile devices.
  • Remotely set passwords, switch off functions, manage configurations and restrictions, and more.
  • Create an app catalogue to both recommend and restrict what each user can choose.
  • Peace of mind in case of theft - even if a phone or tablet is stolen, you can make sure no sensitive information is seen or lost.

More about MobileIron Cloud.

Why BT Business?

Get the right solution for your business from BT Local Business experts
Unbeatable local knowledge, national resources, and personal service
Personal contact helps us get to know you and your business challenges
We’re the leading provider of phone systems in the UK, right on your doorstep


Can you guarantee quality of service?

Yes! We’ll design the service to fit the exact way your business works.

We’ll allocate two experts - a BT One Phone voice radio planner and an implementation manager - who’ll assess each of your sites and come up with the ideal configuration.

This includes making sure the dedicated line into your business has the right capacity and resilience to provide the consistent high quality of service you need. We’ll proactively monitor your service on an ongoing basis too, making sure everything is fine-tuned to support current and future call levels. If you need a service boost (e.g. more data capacity), we’ll work with you to provide this in good time.

How do you make sure my business communications are always working?

BT One Phone is backed by advanced disaster recovery measures. Our network is underpinned by fully resilient data centres. These are spread across the country so that if anything ever went wrong at one facility, a second location would automatically keep everything going.

And, because everything’s Cloud-based, your people will always be able to access full office-phone system functionality even if they can’t get into the office - for example, if it's snowing and the roads are a no-go. 

How much does it cost to set up and run the system?

Our pricing is simple and flexible. As every company is different, we design a BT One Phone service specific to each business’s needs. There’s a lot of choice on how you pay too - you can pay more up front or spread payments over a longer period. You get unlimited minutes too. Simply add and remove extras to your service when you need them - like more data and texts and roaming extras.

How do I access my BT One Phone portal?

What equipment do I need for BT One Phone?

It should be minimal as we'll provide everything you need as part of our service. We'll come and install a dedicated line into your building. And if you've chosen to have indoor mobile coverage, we may also fit a 'Pico cell' (a small mobile phone base station) to make sure you get excellent mobile signal throughout your premises.

Can our employees keep their existing phone numbers?

Yes, they'll be able to simply move all desk and mobile numbers across to the BT One Phone service

Does BT One Phone work on any mobile phone?

Yes. BT One Phone will work with any mobile phone, including your current devices. But, to really get the most from the service, we recommend choosing from our wide range of handsets.

How can I get online help?

For help and user guides please visit online help

Things you need to know

Using your BT One Phone abroad

There are no extra charges when you use your UK allowances in the EU. You can also choose our Business Zone and World Zone options to take your business further.

Travelling in the EU

You can use your BT One Phone in the EU as you would back home. Just stick to your UK limits for voice, text and data and you won’t pay a penny extra. What’s more, when you get a call or a text, you won’t get a charge.

Travelling outside the EU

BT One Phone has two roaming options that let you use your UK allowances for voice, text and data abroad. You can add yours using the BT One Phone portal.

  • Business Zone - the nine most popular business destinations: Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, USA and US Virgin Islands.
  • World Zone - expand roaming to 44 countries outside the EU: Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Kenya, Grenada, Haiti, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates.



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