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Communication is everything in business.

But it’s becoming more complicated. Customers expect to contact you however they want. Colleagues would rather get on video calls than get on the road. Clients in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff are clamouring to see you, this afternoon.

Discover smarter ways to work together, solving problems faster. Switch devices and locations without missing a beat. And your customers will cheer as you glide across contact channels as effortlessly as they do. 

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Cloud Work for businesses that want to unlock the power of seamless communication

Our cloud-based system unifies all your communication services on a single, easy-to-use platform, allowing you to effectively collaborate with colleagues and customers over voice, video, or instant messaging.

Find your best fit with BT Cloud Work

BT Cloud Work comes in three different packages specially designed for SMEs. Download the datasheet and you can compare the different benefits we offer. It’s the easy way to find the features that are most important to you. Then choose the BT Cloud Work package that best fits your business.

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Better calls for customers, more flexibility for you

BT Cloud Work has made connecting Apetito’s franchises a piece of cake Cloud Work has already had a hugely positive effect on Wiltshire Farm Foods. For instance, it’s allowed them to scale up to meet new demand, quickly and effectively.

Watch our BT Cloud Work video

We’ve put together a short demo video to show how the BT Cloud Work mobile app helps users stay connected to colleagues and customers when working remotely. 

In the video, you can see how easy it is to make calls, send messages, join meetings, and check the presence of your contacts. Just by using the BT Cloud Work mobile app.

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BT Cloud Work benefits for small and medium businesses

Reduce ramp-up

Simplified onboarding of new staff.

Drive sales

Increase your market size. Provide better and quicker communication experiences for your customers. And reduce their wait time.

Reduce costs

Moves expenses from CAPEX to OPEX and achieve an average savings of 40%.

Increase team output

Because employees can both communicate and collaborate in an instant, they can solve customer problems faster, and improve your business reputation.

Enhance employee experience

Good UCaaS strategy can delight your employees and even reduce turnover in your organisation, by giving people more freedom to work as they choose.

Enable remote working

Reduce the need and costs of business travel with HD video meetings, digital white boarding, screen sharing and file sharing applications.

BT Cloud Work information to download

Equip your business with the best

Business insights feed productivity

Business thrives when you work together

Migrate with minimum hassle, achieve maximum results

Seven layers of application security with BT Cloud Work

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