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Choosing BT Business for broadband

Connectivity guaranteed

If your connection hits a bump, with our enhanced broadband it automatically switches to EE’s 4G network until it’s fixed.

Minimum speed promise

If your speed drops below what we promised and we can’t fix it,  you can walk away.

Support that never sleeps

With enhanced broadband, our UK-based IT support team is on hand 24/7 to help with things like setting up printers, or getting rid of viruses.

How to choose business broadband

You don’t need a phone line at all to buy Full Fibre. But if you’re not eligible to get it, and you want to get our business broadband – you might need a phone line that’s not already used for broadband. Our Full Fibre speeds range from 76Mpbs to 900Mbps. Get in touch now to see if you’re eligible. 

If you only have a phone line, and want to add business broadband, call us on 08000282075. We’re here to help Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm.



View prices for business broadband without line rental

Download speed
Upload speed
Monthly data
Hybrid Backup
1 free Static IP
Guest Wi-Fi
Enhanced IT Support
Complete wi-fi

Hyperfast 2 Enhanced

£85.00 / month

Up to 900Mbps

Up to 104Mbps

Unlimited usage


Hyperfast 1 Enhanced

£77.00 / month

Up to 500Mbps

Up to 68Mbps

Unlimited usage


Ultrafast 2 Enhanced

£72.20 / month

Up to 314Mbps

Up to 48Mbps

Unlimited usage


Ultrafast 1 Enhanced

£63.80 / month

Up to 150Mbps

Up to 29Mbps

Unlimited usage


Superfast Enhanced

£49.20 / month

Up to 76Mbps

Up to 19Mbps

Unlimited usage


Superfast Essential

£40.80 / month

Up to 76Mbps

Up to 19Mbps

Unlimited usage


Broadband Enhanced

£33.50 / month

Up to 17.0Mbps

Up to 1.0Mbps

Unlimited usage


Broadband Essential

£25.10 / month

Up to 17.0Mbps

Up to 1.0Mbps

Unlimited usage


Upgrade for a better broadband deal

Upgrading to a broadband bundle with voice may save you money compared to buying business broadband only and paying for your phone line separately. To upgrade, first see the broadband deals you can choose. There may be a charge to end your contract early.

See broadband deals >                

Unbreakable broadband

Hybrid Connect

If your connection hits a bump, our hybrid backup service kicks in to switch you to EE’s 4G network. Guaranteed. And if we can’t fix it, you’ll get money back

Smart Hub 2

Built for business and able to connect more people on more devices, Smart Hub 2 gives you faster wi-fi in more places than ever before. 

Complete Wi-fi

Our Complete Wi-Fi discs turn your workplace into a totally joined-up network. With a guaranteed wi-fi signal wherever you’re working.

Speed guaranteed with business broadband

Keeping in touch with your customers, clients and colleagues is essential.

Fast, consistent speeds mean everyone logging on without a hitch, cloud applications working like a dream and video calls so sharp you’ll feel as if you’re in the room. And with our speed guarantee, if it drops below the minimum speed and we can’t fix it, you can simply walk away.

More about our speed guarantee

Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice for Business Broadband Speeds

Included with Essential and Enhanced business broadband

Minimum speed Guarantee

Our speed promise means if broadband drops below the minimum download speed and we can’t fix it, you could simply walk away

Unlimited broadband data

With our business broadband deals, unlimited means unlimited. You’re free to use as much data as you need – with no catches, no caps and no hidden penalties.

Free Guest Wi-Fi

Keep them coming back. Free Guest Wi-Fi on your hub turns your workplace into a wi-fi hotspot. It’s password-free so customers can browse while they shop, and clients can work when they visit. And your broadband speeds and security aren’t affected

More about Guest Wi-Fi

UK’s largest Wi-Fi network

With over 5 million hotspots, we’ve got the biggest wi-fi network in the country. As a broadband customer, BT Wi-Fi is yours to enjoy, wherever your work takes you

Upgrade to Fast Full Fibre Speeds

With BT Broadband, you’ll always be able to upgrade to faster speeds. No early upgrade fees. 

Bundle with Voice

All our broadband packages can be bundled with voice, and it’s cheaper! Head to our broadband deals page now 

More about our deals

Included with Enhanced business broadband

Broadband backed by EE

Our enhanced broadband comes with Hybrid Backup, which means if there’s ever a problem with your broadband connection we’ll automatically switch you to EE’s 4G network. And it’s delivered the day after you order it- so you’re up and running over 4G in no time 

Always Connected Guarantee

if there’s ever a problem, your broadband will automatically switch to EE’s 4G network via Hybrid Backup. We’re confident it won’t let you down – but if it does, our Always Connected Guarantee means you’ll get money back. 

Enhanced IT Support

You don’t need to be an IT expert, because our UK-based support team works around the clock. They’re available 24/7 and can help you with everything from setting up printers to removing nasty viruses. 

Free static IP Address

If you run a server, a website or FTP hosting, a static IP address is vital. Static IP: one static IP address is included in the price for enhanced broadband.

Optional extras for business broadband

Microsoft Office 365

Access all the Office apps you use every day, from any device any time. Plus get business class email with 50+ GB per mailbox, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and 1TB of online storage.

More about Office 365

Guaranteed Wi-Fi everywhere

Wi-Fi with zero black spots. With our Complete Wi-Fi Discs creating a seamless network around your building, you’ll get a guaranteed wi-fi signal across your entire workplace. No multiple passwords as you move around, just a flawless connection wherever you are in the building. And if you find any blackspots, we’ll send you up to five more discs at no extra cost

Add to enhanced packages for £7 or essential for £10. chat now

FAQs for business broadband without phone line

How will I know if I can choose business broadband only?

It’s easy. Just give us your phone number when you check availability.

If we can provide business broadband only on your existing line, we’ll show you the options you can choose from.

If your phone line’s not suitable for business broadband only, you’ll be able to see what business broadband bundles you can choose from.

Do I need to have a BT phone line already to buy business broadband only?

In most cases, yes. 

We can only add business broadband to an existing phone line if the line does not already have broadband on it.

If your line is provided by one of BT’s partners – such as PlusNet – we may be able to provide business broadband only.

But if your line’s provided by a competitor to BT, or you already have broadband on the line, then we won’t be able to offer you business broadband only.

Find out about business broadband bundles

Can I get business broadband only without any phone line?

In most cases, no.

BT Business Broadband is available with a BT phone line – either bought together in a business broadband bundle, or added as business broadband only to an existing line without broadband on it already.

But you may be able to choose business broadband without line rental if your address has a connection called FTTP (which is short for ‘Fibre To The Premises’).

If this option’s available to you, we’ll show it in your results when you check broadband availability.

Will buying business broadband only give me my best deal?

It may not, no.

BT Business Broadband costs less when you buy with a phone line.

So it’s worth checking what you already pay for your phone line plus the costs for business broadband without line rental. 

When added up, the costs for buying a phone line and business broadband without phone line separately could well be more expensive than buying them both together. 

Why not see how much you could save with our business broadband deals?

Subject to standard BT terms & conditions

Things you need to know

Terms, conditions and legal stuff

Some BT Business Broadband lines require a BT Business phone line. You’ll need to sign-up to a minimum contract. Terms and conditions apply. See under the Broadband and Internet Services section for more information.


Prices exclude VAT of 20%.

Your service is subject to terms and conditions found at under the Broadband and internet and Mobile services sections. You will be subject to a minimum contract term and at the end of this minimum contract term you will pay the full standard price – see Section 59, Part 2 and Section 10b of the BT Price List found at

You will incur a £125 charge for a new line or £20 for reactivation of an existing line or for taking over a working line. There is no charge to switch your line to BT from another supplier. Depending on your site and subject to any survey, you may incur excess construction charges – see Section 45, Part 1 of the BT Price List found at

By signing up to Cloud Voice Express your existing BT PSTN service will terminate. Once terminated, BT may not be able to re-instate your PSTN service on the same commercial terms as you may previously have had.

Cloud Voice Express does not guarantee the ability to make calls to emergency services at all times.

Mobile speeds vary by location, coverage and demand.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Fixed price guaranteed for the duration of your minimum contract term and applies to your monthly bundle price and monthly mobile price only. Excludes all other services such as add-ons or out of bundle charges.


We have a compensation scheme for those rare occasions where something goes wrong, and there are delays in putting it right. See information on compensation scheme at

Hybrid Backup and Always Connected Guarantee

If your Hybrid Backup or 4G Assure service fails to activate within 30 minutes of you reporting a fixed line fault to us, leaving you without a broadband connection, you can claim a one-time credit of £60 to be added to your bill.

To be eligible, you must report a fixed line failure in the correct manner. You’re restricted to one compensation claim during your contract term. Credit will be applied once the fixed line fault is resolved.

Hybrid Backup and next day set connection

We deliver Hybrid Backup the next day if your order is placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays.

Complete Wi-Fi Money back guarantee

The Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee is valid for a period of 6 months from the Service Start Date. The Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee will cover the main building at your site, but will not cover any Broadband faults or any outbuildings or extra sites. If your Complete Wi-Fi fails to provide a strong signal, BT may send you up to five additional Wi-Fi Discs. If you have three or more Wi-Fi Discs, you can request for a BT engineer to visit your Site to maximise performance. If your Complete Wi-Fi still fails to provide a strong signal, you will be entitled to cancel the Complete Wi-Fi add-on during the guarantee period and claim a refund of up to a maximum of 6 months’ previous Charges for the Complete Wi-Fi add-on. If you cancel the Complete Wi-Fi add-on under the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee, your BT Broadband plan will continue unaffected. You must return all Wi-Fi Discs to BT.

For full terms and conditions, please refer to the BT Business Broadband, Superfast, Ultrafast and Hyperfast Schedule to the General Terms

Speed Promise

Before your service starts, we will provide you with the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed and an estimate of the upload and download speed you may expect. If after 10 days from the start of your service your speed is regularly at or below this speed, you may contact BT and BT will try to fix it. If BT is unable to fix it within 30 days, you can terminate your service without paying any charges (other than for any service already received) but you must return any BT Hub. Please see minimum guaranteed download speed for more information.

BT Sport

TV license and latest Android, Window or iOS operating system required. App is for your personal, non-commercial use in the UK.

UK’s largest Wi-Fi network

You can get onto our Wi-Fi as long as you're in one of our Wi-Fi hotspots and your device has wireless internet.


Several factors can affect your speed (such as distance to the street cabinet). To check the speed at this location visit: Not all lines in Ultrafast enabled areas can support the Ultrafast service.

Speed Estimates

The speed ranges we show are estimates based on business peak time between 12.00 and 14.00. The estimates take into account congestion on the network at these times. Your actual broadband speeds depend on a number of factors, including distance from the exchange, your equipment, the quality of your line, the number of people connected at the same time, and whether Wi-Fi is being used. It can take up to 10 days for your line to settle at its maximum stable speed.

Enhanced IT support

Enhanced IT support included with Enhanced broadband only.

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