Broadband with 4G Assure: Overview

BT brings you a reliable connection your business can count on – with the UK’s first and only broadband that can automatically switch to 4G. So you’ll always stay connected. It’s a clever little innovation that will make a big difference to your business.

  • Next day 4G connection
    As soon as we confirm your order we’ll send your 4G Assure out to you. So you can be up and running, downloading from the internet, sharing files, connecting with clients, the very next day.
  • If broadband’s off, we’re on it
    We know instantly if broadband has switched to 4G, so we can focus on fixing it. While 4G Assure keeps you connected.
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You can choose broadband today and upgrade when 4G is available.

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Order broadband with 4G Assure today – be connected tomorrow

See how broadband with 4G Assure helps keep Robin Hill Construction connected

Order today and be up and running tomorrow

I didn't even notice there was a fault! Everything is connected to the broadband so if it wasn't for 4G we would have no business. I am very happy - it’s a really useful device.



Connect with the latest hubs

BT Business Smart Hub, with 4G Assure

BT Business Hub 5, with 4G Assure


Business broadband with 4G Assure works exclusively with the BT Business Smart Hub and the BT Business Hub 5.

New to BT? Sign up to a broadband or fibre package with 4G Assure and we’ll send the BT Business Smart Hub with 4G Assure as soon as we confirm your order, so you can get connected using 4G straightaway.

Want to add 4G Assure to your current BT broadband? You’ll need a BT Business Smart Hub or Hub 5. It’s easy to upgrade your hub when you buy 4G Assure online.

Customer testimonials


Absolutely fantastic service. I didn't even know I had a fault. As my location is quite remote it is something I have often suffered with previously; particularly with bad weather conditions. As I am in the retail business I rely on the internet to take card payments and promote via social media so it is really important for me to stay connected. I would definitely recommend this product based on what I now know.


The service is first class. We are quite far from the exchange so therefore faults previously were quite regular. Although we can't get fibre, this has helped us to have a reliable connection. It is a seamless process going from fixed broadband to 4G connection, and it has saved many time-consuming calls to BT Faults. We are really happy with the product.


Brilliant! Our broadband was down for two days but the 4G dongle kicked in and our business could remain functional.


4G Assure is a great idea. I was not aware of any fault on my broadband.



We struggled in the past as we had a lot of drop outs. But there is no doubting that 4G Assure has improved our service.


I think it’s brilliant. Previously, I became very frustrated as my BB kept going down - it cost me a contract because I missed a deadline. Now I don't have those problems anymore. What a great service, thank you!

Things you need to know

Legal stuff

Terms and legal stuff for you to download

Business broadband with 4G Assure

4G Assure works over copper, fibre and static IP. The automatic switch over to 4G is subject to you having adequate 4G signal and power at your site. 

We deliver 4G Assure the next day if your order’s placed by 12pm Monday to Friday and you pass credit checks. Orders placed at the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday, or Wednesday for bank holidays.

For full details, please see the Terms for Business, Broadband and Internet Services section of our terms and conditions.

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