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MiCloud UC for large business

Bring your communications and collaboration into the cloud for more flexibility, simplicity and reliability

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Existing corporate customers

If we're already working you, please get in touch with your account team or account manager to discuss how our MiCloud solutions could help your business.

Powerful, cloud-based communication and collaboration

With a MiCloud UC (Unified Communications) platform, you have the tools to help your business work better – now and in the future. It’s all built in. Conference calling and desktop sharing make team meetings easy. And features like call routing help you stay in touch with your customers and each other.

If your company needs to keep track of customer calls, emails, social messages and beyond, MiCloud UC with CC (Contact Centre) can cover it. It can show your staff a history of a customer’s interactions as soon as they pick up the phone. So you’ll have all the background know-how you need to keep your customers happy.

Here's how it works

The brains of the MiCloud UC platform are in data centres within the UK, and a second system is on standby, ready to spring into action if an unexpected event should happen.

Information and voice calls from your key sites securely travel through the core BT MPLS network with dual break-out points to the PSTN to reach their final destination. For your remote workers, a broadband connection gives them full access to all the functionality of MiCloud UC.

Employees enjoy the same communications functionality whether they’re in an office, on the road, or working from home. 

What’s included

Hosted in the cloud

You won't need to invest in as much hardware, plus software updates are automatic and free. And with one monthly price for the features you choose, costs are simple too.

Audio, video and web conferencing

Audio, video and web conferencing - the business communication features you’d expect from a phone system. MiCloud UC conferencing features help speed up decision making by enabling teamwork from anywhere. Team meetings and training are a breeze, and doing things remotely means you don’t have to worry about travel costs.

Auto attendant, recorded announcements and voicemail

Present professional greetings to your callers and route them quickly to the right department. And get voicemails sent to your email as audio files.

Range of desktop phones

There’s a range of handsets to choose from, so everyone can have the tools they need. We’ve also got accessories to make your phones work harder, including headsets, cordless handsets, expansion modules and conference phones.

Mobile and desktop softphones

Stay in touch with your customers and clients wherever you’re working and enjoy all the features you get in the office on your laptop or mobile.

Collaboration tools

Instant Messenger – ask a colleague a quick question while you’re still on the phone

Presence – find out who’s available and who’s out of the office, and decide the best way to reach them

MiCollab – provides UC capabilities including softphone and all associated UC licensed features, Voicemail and Conferencing.

Business-grade security – with built-in security and a team of experts looking after the security of the cloud, you can relax knowing we’ve got it covered

A name you can trust

We’re a Mitel Platinum Select Partner and experts in the cloud, so we’re well qualified to look after every part of your set-up. We’ll walk you through everything, from installation and support – right through to billing.

A flexible solution

If you need different features for different people, that’s no problem – you can mix and match depending on who needs what. Better yet, you can make changes day or night using the online portal.

Benefits of MiCloud UC & CC (Contact Centre)

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the number one priority for most companies. With MiCloud CC, you can manage your customer interactions more effectively without managing the complexity of a traditional contact centre. We reduce the complexity and cost through advanced cloud technology, so you can focus on your sales and customer satisfaction.

Contact centre application

MiCloud UC includes a contact centre option MiCloud CC. It lets you track, record and manage the conversations you have with customers across phone calls, fax, email, web chat and social media.

Real time analytics

Real time analytics tools for forecasting and reporting on agents and queues, managing contact centre performance, and analysing traffic.

Additional business continuity services

We understand your business is critical so dual data centre working, in separate UK locations, is provided as standard with MiCloud UC and CC. In additional connectivity to the PSTN is provided over dual diverse gateways.

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I currently have MiVoice. Can I upgrade to MiCloud/MiCloud UC?

Absolutely. Contact us now to talk about your options.

I already have MiCloud/MiCloud UC. Where can I find help?

Firstly take a look at our online help or give us a call on 0800 181 556