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Our partnership with Cisco

Together with Cisco, we give you global, cloud-based solutions that deliver a great user experience.

Together with Cisco, we give you global, cloud-based solutions that deliver a great user experience.

In partnership with Cisco ,

We’ve been partners with Cisco for more than 30 years. Throughout that time, we’ve seen some big changes in the market, and we anticipate more to come.

But together, we’ve been there to support our customers with the services they need.

Cisco’s lifecycle model is one of the ways we better understand the needs of our customers to deliver the innovative, best-in-breed products and solutions required to create a great and consistent user experience. BT is one of the first global partners for Cisco in its new lifecycle programme.

BT and Cisco: The CX Customer Lifecycle Model

Building on a partnership of more than 30 years with Cisco, we became one of the first partners to adopt Cisco’s CX Customer Lifecyle model. That means we’re able to address our customers’ needs at every stage of their journey.

Our partnership, spanning more than three decades, includes a history of innovation and vast experience in delivering solutions quickly and effectively. We offer a complete range of services with Cisco which we have innovated together, including SD-WAN, LAN, CPE, video conferencing, security, data centre and contact centre solutions. No matter where you’re based or which industry you’re in, you can benefit from a tailor-made solution that’s right for you.

Together we have the scale, reach, financial stability and history of innovating together, all underpinned by our trusted networks and security.

Our Cisco specialisations, accreditations and certifications give you a glimpse into our know-how, experience and expertise around Cisco technology and solutions which allows us to deliver consistently:

  • We’re one of only six Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners, the highest tier of Cisco partner certification.
  • In addition to Global Gold Partner Status, we maintain an overlay of 14 countries that retain local Gold Partner Status and continue to evolve the breadth and depth of our Cisco capabilities globally.
  • BT Business is trusted by its customers to meet their needs worldwide. This is affirmed by the Cisco Global Commerce Certification which BT has maintained for more than 15 years.
  • Our work with Cisco is helping our customers work towards a circular economy, reducing their e-waste by recycling end-of-life equipment.


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