How to turn Factory Operations into a "Crystal Box"

In this report, IDC and BT explore how to successfully deploy Industry 4.0, –  a protocol for optimally manufacturing and improve products. It shows how successfully deploying Industry 4.0 means helps manufacturers significantly reduce their costs and downtime, while at the same time increasing their productivity.

"Industrial enterprises that fail to implement an enterprise data governance model enabling the foundation for resilient decision making by 2021 will underperform on profitability by 10%"


IT decision makers at manufacturing organisations will get insight into:

  • Why factory operations need to become more transparent


  • The key pillars to building a transparent factory

  • How to utilise data – from shop floor to top floor

  • How 5G and edge computing can amplify the impact of IT in the factory

  • How to manage IT and OT (operational technology) convergence

  • BT’s digital manufacturing proposition


To find out how Industry 4.0 can benefit your business, download the report.

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