With so much focus on digital and mobile innovation, it’s easy to forget that traditional phone services have advanced features too. And if your calls come through to your office first, that’s important.

As more people work from home or on the move, it’s important that you, your customers, and your colleagues can get in touch easily. It’s the same in the workplace. People walk around the office, flit between the shop front and the back office, leave the yard in the van to go and do a job, and so on. And that’s before we even get to talking about people working together across different locations.

But you don’t need any fancy equipment to make things run smoothly. Your office phone line can help with all of it.

You’ll be familiar with the standard services you get with a BT business phone line: BT Answer 1571 and BT 1471 (which take messages and keep a record of who’s called you). But these aren’t the only calling features available to our business customers.

We have many other services that you can switch on quickly and easily, and for just a small cost. Features that could make all the difference to business productivity and to the image your business presents to customers and – crucially – potential customers.

Most popular features

  • Call diversion re-routes calls automatically to another number (your mobile, another office, your home number, a colleague, and so on) so you don’t miss anything important.

  • Call waiting tells you when someone is trying to call you and you’re already on the line.

  • Ring-back makes calling you when you’re already busy on a call easy for callers by letting them know when you’re free.

  • Hunt group diverts incoming calls seamlessly to the first available free line among a group of numbers (that you’ve previously set up).

  • Three-way calling lets you bring someone else on to your call (it’s a conference call but without the need to dial-in to a special conferencing number).

  • Free internal calls within your business (no, really).

These are just a few of the options to help you be more responsive to your customers and to keep you and your people working together effectively.

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