BT OneBillPlus

Consolidated BT billing

Consolidated BT billing


Use your bills to benefit your business

Mergers, expansion and takeovers – combined with the organic growth of communication services – can generate a plethora of bills. The complexity of this extra admin costs you time and money.

OneBillPlus will put all your UK BT invoices on a single bill, simplifying payment and providing a clear overview of your estate. Consolidated billing data is significantly easier to analyse – helping you identify fraud and potential savings.

Once you have BT OnebillPlus you can save even more administration time and money by registering for BT Analyst Converge. This product will enable you to securely analyse your data online.

If you are thinking about consolidating all your bills to a Onebill or need any further information, then please contact us and fill in the online proforma. One of our team will then contact you for further advice and information.

Key benefits

Identify easy cost savings

We’re all looking for ways to reduce our business costs. Scrutinising your bills can help you identify where savings could be made – and this is significantly easier with a single, consolidated bill from BT. You will be able to quickly identify areas of inefficiency and where cost savings could be made.

OneBillPlus also makes your billing:

  • Simple: receive a single bill for all the services you use across all your sites, including itemised reports.
  • Cost-effective: reduce admin costs and cut bank charges by paying bills with a single transaction.
  • Transparent: get a clear view of your entire BT communications estate and create an inventory of your account.
  • Green: a consolidated bill requires less paper and only needs to be delivered once to where it’s needed.

Key features

Unlock valuable data hidden in your bills

BT OneBillPlus is a tool that gives you control over your billing. By consolidating your BT bills and taking advantage of our analytical software and applications you will be able to:

Pay less

Each invoice you process and pay individually increases your transactional charges. A single invoice per billing period dramatically reduces this, and you can cut costs further by paying by direct debit. You also decrease the likelihood of overlooking a bill and incurring late payment charge

Reduce your carbon footprint

Separate bills for different locations and services result in hundreds of paper bills being delivered all across your organisation – a substantial environmental cost. You can improve your green credentials by getting a single invoice and VAT statement per billing period. We also offer to deliver statements on disc or by email, cutting the paper waste even more.

Discover the value in your data

Your communications bills are a rich source of information. Are you making the most of this valuable resource? OneBillPlus makes it easy to answer queries on historic information, helps you identify trends and find areas were efficiency could be improved. By making your data transparent you will also find it easier to look out for potential signs of fraud.

Detailed description

Gain a deeper understanding of your business

Taking control means more than just eliminating costs. OneBillPlus helps you to understand your BT communications costs and use this information to benefit your business. To help you make the most of your billing data we offer a range of analytical software.

The OneBillPlus portfolio includes Analyst Converge our online analysis application for your OneBillPlus data, Analyst Alert, our early warning online application for any recently made calls, and Network Call Analyst to show you how lines are performing for both incoming and outgoing calls.

You can use this detailed picture of your communications network performance to make better informed decisions on communication usage, staffing structure and network investment. This information will help you exploit pre-existing potential value in your business, and take advantage of more revenue generating opportunities.

Analyst Converge demo report

This sample report shows just some of the compelling information available to you as a BT OneBillPlus customer. A report that will provide the insight to help your organisation start realising the type of savings that Renfrewshire and Leeds Councils already enjoy.  Click here >


FAQs for OneBillPlus

You may be receiving a mixture of reams of paper and multiple raw data files going to a variety of people within your organisation. Switching off all your paper, except four pages for the invoice, and all the raw data files is a reality if you opt to view your data online through BT Analyst Converge – this application is available to all Global Customers.

Ask your billing contact for a paper invoice only, and instead of receiving the raw data files containing all your itemisation, ask to be set up on BT Analyst Converge instead. This application will allow you to view your data online and is available to all Global Customers.

Yes, assuming you are a Global Customer. If you are unsure, please speak to your billing contact, account manager or complete your registration for our online application, BT Analyst Converge, and we’ll let you know.

If your enquiry relates to any billing charges, you will need to speak to your billing contact, who’s details are shown on the front of your BT OneBillPlus or if you are a user of BT Analyst Converge, our online application, you can send feedback directly to your billing team by clicking online.

Who should buy

Adding value for our valued customers

We provide this product as a bonus for all our appreciated customers. As well as saving time this makes it easier to analyse your call data – particularly useful for sales and support contact centre management. Consolidating bills for multiple sites and services provides you with in-depth understanding of your BT communications estate – vital as you evaluate the potential of introducing convergent technologies.


If you get bills, you can get OneBillPlus

OneBillPlus is available at no additional cost to BT customers subscribing to any of the following:

  • Fixed line telephony
  • Mobile phone services
  • Broadband Internet
  • Private Circuits
  • Hosted Voice
  • SIP
  • VOIP
  • Internet Teleworker