Video conferencing solutions: Pins and Ribbons case study

‘Broadband is really important to us’, says Kerrie Murray. ‘We use it for video conferencing with foreign customers and stockists’.

Watch the video to see how Kerrie’s dream went from the bedroom to reality.


Pins and Ribbons sell its UK-made handmade soft furnishings and accessories around the world, using the internet.

Video conferencing is particularly useful because many of her products have visual appeal that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Having a reliable, high-quality video connection to a stockist or a customer makes it easy to share ideas and develop new products.

We share ideas and designs over a video conference.

Kerrie Murray - Pins and Ribbons

‘A lot of people want to know how we make things,’ she says. ‘With a video conference, we can actually show them how we make a particular product – it’s a more personal method of contact. Sometimes a stockist might have a drawing they want us to make into a product; they can show us that and share their ideas and designs over a video conference.’

I was able to do two hours’ work in a café.

Kerrie Murray - Pins and Ribbons

BT Business keeps Kerrie connected wherever she goes - she makes use of BT Wi-fi hotspots to keep in touch when she is on the move. ‘I didn’t realise what a great service it was until I was able to do two hours’ work while in a cafe having numerous cups of coffee,’ she says.

But BT Wi-fi hotspots don’t just help Kerrie work on the move – they help her stay connected in her workshop, which is separate to her office. ‘We have a hotspot operating within our premises. It works really well in our stockroom, which isn’t covered by our office network, so we use it if we’re in there and wanting to download some information as we’re checking products.’

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