International business communication with VoIP

​'Wherever I am, people contact me using my VoIP number. They think I’m in the UK but I could be anywhere'.

‘My VoIP follows me around the world’, says Marum Consultancy’s Andrew Allawah.

Andrew is in the in-flight entertainment business and, as you’d expect, that means he’s often reaching for his passport. But whether he’s in Los Angeles, the Middle East, or Scandinavia his customers can always get hold of him by dialling his home office number.

Andrew relies on fibre broadband to run his VoIP, which also comes in handy when he’s at the office.

Attending meetings in person across five continents would test even the most avid of Air Miles collectors. Andrew needed a flexible, convenient, and economical way of communicating with his customers: video-conferencing.

A robust, high-bandwidth fibre broadband connection is essential in allowing him to hold virtual meetings with customers, suppliers, and end users around the globe. It literally helps keep his feet on the ground.

‘BT gives me VoIP, video conferencing, internet access, and email all down one cable. It’s a flexible product that allows me to connect worldwide, without any major issues’.

Wherever I am, people can contact me by dialling my VoIP number. They think I’m in the UK but I could be anywhere

Andrew believes that the time and money he has saved has more than justified the investment.

‘I think fibre broadband gives good value for money and there’s good support. If something goes wrong, it’s resolved immediately,’ he says. ‘It’s a key business tool that makes things a lot easier for me. If it saves me a few minutes every day, then by the end of the month it’s paid for itself’.

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