How to get a better internet connection for tomorrow's world

​As technology moves away from the desktop and into the cloud, it’s easy to overlook the most important link in the technology chain: your internet connection.

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, 85% of businesses see investing in new technology as a key driver for growth.

Without a robust, high-performing connection, cloud-based business innovations just won’t work. If you haven’t got the right connection today – and haven’t planned for the right connection in the future – your growth ambitions could fall flat.

You may think that you don’t need the cloud. Maybe you don’t, today.

But tomorrow’s world will look very different. More business will be done online, more applications and programs will be cloud-only, and more data will be stored in the cloud. Already, cloud-based solutions give you the ability to store huge volumes of data, easily share files across your business, and do away with your on-premises phone system.

How do you know if your connection can cut the mustard?

A good place to start is to understand what you use your internet connection for now, what applications and websites your business relies on, and what could become essential very soon. Even if your business stays the same size, it’s more than a fair bet that your reliance on the internet will grow.

If you can, find out how much data your business sent and received over the internet a year ago and compare that with what you’re using today.

Then consider where your business is going in the next five years. Do you plan to expand? Will you employ more people who’ll need access to the internet? If you’re thinking about a new phone system, will you be taking advantage of one based in the cloud?

Ways to make your connection ready for the future

If you’re a light user and expect to continue that way, then you’ll be fine with standard broadband or fibre.

If you’re using a lot of data or your needs are likely to increase, then you’ll need high-end fibre for better upload and download speeds.

And if you’re a heavy user (or plan to be) a leased line could be perfect. Guaranteed and consistent upload and download speeds on your own dedicated line, with very low latency, a leased line is ideal for businesses using a lot of data and where the internet connection is absolutely critical.

Finally, review your internet connection regularly. Technology is a fast-moving game!

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