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Intelligent connectivity

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Transform your business with Managed SD-WAN

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What is Managed SD-WAN (Software defined WAN)? 

Managed SD-WAN from BT constantly analyses and prioritises the traffic going through your network, giving you a clear view of everything that’s happening, including all the applications that are in use, as well as who is using them. This enables you to make smarter decisions and respond more quickly. Even when new technology comes along, it embraces it without missing a beat.

Above all, it can be tailored to your business, whatever the scale of your operations.

Our fully managed service includes a dedicated management team to guide you through implementation, together with operations centres which will proactively monitor your network as you go forward.

The future will demand more of your business

Fast-forward a couple of years. Demand for bandwidth is skyrocketing. Security threats are relentless and getting smarter by the day. You need a network that can outsmart any challenge the future throws at you. Read our factsheet on how Managed SD-WAN from BT can support your business for the future.

Is your network ready for the digital era?

With cloud technology gaining prominent position in IT strategies, its important to keep up with the pace of change and what is needed to enable transformation. Read our article with IDC to show you how Managed SD-WAN can bring these elements together.

Benefits of Managed SD-WAN

Increased protection, reduced effort

React faster to security threats and automate security updates across all sites, devices and platforms

Less complexity, more visibility

Better visibility of applications and your network traffic. React faster, work smarter and make better decisions

Improved customer experience

Anticipate and respond to customer demands, more quickly so they’re more likely to use you again


Enable your transformation

Faster, more strategic decision-making when embracing and implementing new technology

Will Managed SD-WAN really transform your business?

Managed SD-WAN has made a real impact on networking changing connectivity needs brought about by the shift to cloud. Read our article with IDC to show you some of the key factors to consider when it comes to Managed SD-WAN.


Why BT?

A fixed and mobile network like no other

Business growth needs a rock-solid infrastructure. We have the UK’s biggest fixed and mobile network –delivering supreme coverage, capacity and resilience.

End-to-end management

Our fully-managed service provides whatever you need, from a dedicated project management, to operations centres proactively monitoring your network

Partnering for success

To deliver you the best solution, we combine the power of our network and our people with the world’s leading SD-WAN hardware from Meraki and Cisco.

Unrivalled security expertise

Our 3,000 security experts in 15 operation centres worldwide are trusted by military, emergency services and governments to keep them safe. We’ll do the same for you.

Better insights, better decisions

Our platform provides analytics and insight to help you make more informed decisions about your network and digital transformation strategy.

Investing in the future of UK business

We’re investing £10 billion in new technologies over the next five years, building the platform for innovation and fuelling the UK’s digital economy.

Existing large business customers

If you’re already an existing Corporate or Public Sector customer with us, please get in touch with your account team or account manager to discuss how our SD-WAN solutions could help your business.