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Welcome to the Adopt a Kiosk Scheme

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For just £1, more than 5,000 communities have turned our iconic red payphones into something that brings more value and enjoyment to local people.

From libraries to coffee shops to food banks and more, adoptees have found a range of uses for both powered and unpowered payphones. We’re even offering adoption of newer glass kiosks for the exclusive use of housing defibrillators.

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Who can adopt?

  • Recognised local authority (e.g. District / Borough Council)
  • Parish / Community / Town Council or equivalent
  • Registered charity
  • Private landowner (i.e. anyone with one of our telephone boxes on their land)

We can’t allow private individuals to adopt kiosks unless they own the land the kiosk is on, but our supplier X2 Connect does sell them to interested parties. For further information please visit

Steps to adoption

Step 1

If you are interested in adopting a kiosk please send us an email via the 'Email' button above telling us which kiosk you want to adopt.

Step 2

We'll review your request and come back to you with kiosk availability, contracts and next steps.

Step 3

After you've agreed and paid your £1 we’ll disconnect the phone and leave you in charge.

Success stories

Image of books on a shelf in a phone kiosk

Book exchange

A powered payphone became a book exchange, complete with Christmas lights and a sound system.

Church Lawford created a book exchange inside their red payphone. With power in place, they were able to install Christmas lights and a sound system to play carols during Covid lockdown.

Image of defribulator in a red phone kiosk


Life-saving equipment strategically placed in the isolated island community of Orkney.

A red phone kiosk in the rural Orkney Islands has been transformed into housing for a defibrillator, part of Westray Development Trust’s ongoing initiative to increase access to first aid in the area.

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Download our brochure

Find out more about how thousands of people have used the Adopt a Kiosk scheme to improve their communities, and how you can do the same.

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Own a piece of British history

If you’d like to buy a red payphone for your business – or your garden – get in touch with our partners at X2 Connect.