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Automation Marketplace DPS (RM6173)

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The Automation Marketplace (RM6173) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) helps customers across the public sector to buy a range of automation services, technologies and licences. Through this DPS you'll be working with approved suppliers like BT to plan, design, build and manage your live automation services and licences.

The Automation Marketplace (RM6173) in more detail

The DPS focuses on automation services and licences to streamline processes and systems through a range of services offered including automation road mapping, automation business case development, robotic process automation, analytics and much more.

Services from BT under this agreement fall under the following categories:

Category 1 DESIGN – Strategy & Business Transformation

A route to buy strategy and transformation expertise under eight services types:

  1. Business Strategy and Change Management
  2. Business Case Development
  3. Benefits Realisation
  4. Analytics
  5. Cloud Migration Strategy
  6. Automation Road Mapping 
  7. Customer Journey
  8. Setting up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) 
Category 2 BUILD – Problem Solving with Tech Solutions

A route to buy outcome-based solutions under 14 services types

  1. Business Process Optimisation
  2. Business Process Improvement
  3.  Process Discovery 
  4. Desktop Automation  
  5. Robotic Process Automation 
  6. Cognitive Automation 
  7. Natural Language Processing 
  8. Optical Character Recognition
  9. Computer Vision 
  10. Computer Audition 
  11. Text to Speech and Speech to Text 
  12. Machine Learning 
  13. Smart Workflow 
  14. Analytics 
Category 4 LICENCE – Software licences

A route to buy software licences where applicable under nine services types

  1. Orchestration licences 
  2. Component licences
  3. Integrator platforms
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  5. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  6. Analytical licences
  7. Licencing support
  8. Cloud based managed services
  9. Automation operation and managed services

Ordering BT services under the Automation Marketplace DPS RM6173

1.    Register as a buyer on the DPS marketplace. Although the pages are called ‘Supplier registration’, this is the right place for you to register.

2.    In the Technology section, go to Automation Marketplace DPS

3.    Choose Access as a buyer and confirm you accept the customer access agreement

4.    Next you’ll need to View appointed suppliers

5.    Use the filtering tool to specify your requirements by choosing all that apply, and create your supplier shortlist

6.    Use your shortlist to run a Further Competition, so the DPS will identify suitable suppliers

7.    Invite the suppliers to bid against your detailed specification, evaluation criteria, and contract formula.

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