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Smart Divert and Call Redirect – just two of our premium calling features that add more to your business phone line

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Powerful additions to your business phone line

When you add these sophisticated calling features to your business phone line, you'll never miss a call again. And when you stop missing calls, you'll start reaching your full potential. 

Make sure all your calls get through to you

Smart Divert
With BT Smart Divert you can be reached by a single contact number. It diverts incoming calls to most contact numbers – so callers can always get through to you.

  • £8.40/month

Call Redirect
With Call Redirect you don’t have to worry about losing calls if you change your number when you move premises. Callers to your old number will automatically be told your new number.

  • £19.80/month

Prices exclude VAT.

Call answering made easy

Call minder
Personalised voice messaging service, with text alerts when you receive a message.

  • £4.60/month for 1 mailbox 
  • £5.40/month for up to 9 mailboxes

Call Minder Premier
Voice and fax messaging service.

  • 5 mailboxes £7.40/month
  • 7 mailboxes £8.00/month
  • 9 mailboxes £8.40/month

Prices exclude VAT.

Caller ID, so you'll always know who's calling

Calling line identity
Used with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), CLI means you can identify your caller through your computer screen, so you can greet and validate regular callers appropriately.

Presentation Number

A specific phone number that is presented whenever you dial out, which enables you to get through to customers who block anonymous calls and makes it easy for people to call you back.

  • £4.60/month
  • £60 connection fee

Prices exclude VAT.

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