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Make your business line work harder

Every BT Business phone line comes with BT 1471, BT Answer 1571 and Caller display as standard.

If you'd like even more flexibility for dealing with calls, you can add the following great business calling features from as little as £1.83 (ex VAT) a month. And the more features you add, the cheaper they become.

Extra calling features

  • Call diversion
    Diverts calls to any number
  • Call waiting
    If you’re on a call and another one comes through, you can toggle between them both
  • Ring back
    If the number you’re calling is engaged, it’ll ring you back when it’s free
  • Call barring
    Controls types of incoming and outgoing calls
  • 3-way calling
    Instantly set up a conference call with two other callers
  • Reminder call
    Use your line as an alarm clock
  • Call sign
    Set a distinctive ring tone for some incoming numbers so you know who’s calling you

From £1.83 / month per feature (ex VAT)

Why BT Business?

Unlimited UK calls

Call anywhere in the country for just £16.29 (ex VAT) a month




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