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Important price changes

Just so that you know ...

We're changing some of our prices from 1st July 2019. Find out what's changing below ...

Already have a BT phone line?

It’s easy to renew or upgrade online

If you’re looking to renew or upgrade your BT phone line, first choose the new one you want from the list above. Then simply click ‘Buy now’ to order online. When you’ve given us your details, one of our agents will call you to confirm your order and talk through the next steps. Lots of customers renew or upgrade this way – it’s quick and easy, and saves you calling us.


Included as standard

24/7 help and support

You can report and track faults easily online 24/7/365 or over the phone.

The speed with which we’ll fix your fault depends on the type of line you’ve got:

Value phone line

We will aim to fix your fault by the end of the second working day after you’ve told us about the fault.

Standard phone line and Featureline

We will aim to fix your fault by the end of the next working day after you’ve told us about the fault.

But you may not need to contact us at all: our comprehensive set of FAQs and help articles on our website, plus help from other customers on our support forums, should answer most questions.

Calling features

All of our lines come with features that turn them into more than just a phone line.

Value and standard phone lines include:

  • BT Answer 1571
  • BT 1471

Plus you can add Caller Display for free – and see the phone number of who’s calling you (providing you have a suitable phone).

BT Featureline

Both Featureline Standard and Featureline Compact give you a phone line with handy call management features, which is ideal for small businesses that want the call handling capabilities of a professional phone system without the costs

Featureline Compact includes:

  • Call diversion
  • Call waiting
  • Call transfer
  • Call pick up
  • Ring back when free
  • Call barring
  • 3-way calling
  • Reminder call
  • Call interrogation
  • Withhold number
  • Call offer
  • Call sign

Featureline standard includes

All of the features included with Featureline Compact, plus :-

  • Hunt group numbers
  • Call return
  • Ring back when next used
  • Code calling
  • Repeat last call

Renew your contract to save money

When you reach the end of your phone line contract minimum term, your line rental will increase (if your phone line minimum term is 24 months or over). You can avoid this by starting a fresh contract when your existing contract ends.

Renewing your contract is simple. Just order the same phone line type again online and we'll start a new contract (don't worry - this won't have any effect on your phone number or billing).

Optional extras

Upgrade to a standard phone line

If you have a value phone line, you can change to a standard line or Featureline whenever you want. There’s no need to wait until the end of your contract.

Just order online and we’ll start you off with a fresh contract (there are no penalties for leaving your current contract part way through).

Upgrade the care level

For a faster fault fix, upgrade your care level on all of our phone lines.


Total care

We will aim to fix your fault within 24 hours of you telling us about the fault.

This costs an extra £4.70 a month.

Critical care

We will aim to fix your fault within 6 hours of you telling us about the fault.

This costs an extra £6.30 a month.

Prices exclude VAT

Get great value UK and international calls

With our free Call Essentials plan, you can add two money-saving packages to give you unlimited UK calls and 2500 international minutes.

Unlimited UK calls package

If you like the sound of being able to make as many calls as you want to UK landlines and mobiles for a fixed monthly charge of just £12, then you need our ‘UK Unlimited – online exclusive’ package. 

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles for £12 a month ex VAT.

International calls package

And if you make frequent calls to international numbers, then save money and keep a lid on costs with our ‘International Dialling – online exclusive’ package.

  • 2500 international direct dial minutes (excluding calls to mobiles outside the UK and to some countries) for £10 a month ex VAT.

Add calling features to your basic or standard phone line

Call diversion, call waiting, ring back when free, call-barring, 3-way calling, reminder call, and call sign.

The more calling features you add, the cheaper the cost for each individual feature (take all 7 features, and you’re paying the equivalent of just £1.50 a feature).

1 feature              £4.20 a month  

2-4 features        £7.80 a month   

5-7 features        £10.90 a month  

Prices exclude VAT

Upgrade from Featureline Compact for even more features

Upgrade to Featureline Standard from £4.50 a month to get hunt group numbers, call return, ring back when next used, code calling, and repeat last call.

Why BT Business?

Unlimited UK calls for just £12 a month
With over 900k customers, more businesses trust us with their communications
24/7/365 online fault reporting and service status for your area
Thousands of business lines come back to us each month


Will I have to pay an installation charge?

  • If you’re switching your phone line from another supplier, there’s no charge.
  • If you’re taking over a working line, there will be a £40 takeover charge.
  • If we need to install a new line (or reconnect a ceased line) or socket, the charge is £125 for a 24-month contract and £140 for a 12 month contract.
  • If you need multiple new lines, there may be a charge for each line.

Once you complete your order, we’ll call you if there is an installation charge and to arrange installation. If you don’t want to go ahead with the order because the charge is more than you were expecting, you can cancel the order at this point. 

Prices exclude VAT

Can I have a memorable number for my phone line?

We're unable to allocate specific numbers. But one way you may get a more memorable number is to have an 08 number. We have a range of numbers available that you can choose from.

Can I keep my phone number when I move?

Yes, if you're moving somewhere on the same telephone exchange.

If you have a cloud-based system, like BT Cloud Phone or BT Cloud Voice, you’ll be able to take your number wherever you go.

Can I change my installation date after I have ordered?

Yes. Just call 0800 800 152

What does the engineer need before they install a new business phone line?

Nothing. The engineer will arrive within their appointment slot and install the line. They’ll need someone to let them in to your premises and to show them where to install the line. Someone will need to be there for the time that the engineer installs the line. The engineer may also need to do some work at the telephone exchange and the street cabinet (or pole) during the appointment slot.

Can I use the phone number that was previously in use in the building I'm moving to?

Yes, as long as the previous occupant hasn't kept their phone number.

Can I move my phone line at any time and will I need to pay another installation charge?

Yes, you can move your phone line whenever you like. If there has been a suitable service in your new premises you won't need to pay an installation charge but you may need to if there hasn't.

Calling features explained

Business phone lines and Featurelines

Add some calling features and your line suddenly becomes a whole lot more useful …

Call diversion - divert calls to any number

Call waiting - tells you if you've got another call waiting when you're already on a call

Ring back - calls to let you know when an engaged number becomes free

Call barring - take control of what types of calls people can make from your phone

3-way calling - set up a conference call with two other callers 

Reminder call - use your line as an alarm clock 

Caller display - see the phone number of who's calling you 

Call sign - set a distinctive ring tone to selected incoming numbers so you know who the call is for 

Call pick up - answer a call on your own phone that’s ringing on another Featureline extension

Call transfer - transfer a call to any other number number

Internal calls - free internal calls within your business

Caller display - see the phone number of who's calling you  (there’s a £20 set-up fee for Featureline)

Call interrogation - check which features you've got set up on your line

Withhold number - callers won’t be able to see or get hold of your number (you can set this up for individual calls or for all calls)

Call offer - if you call an internal extension that’s busy, this will let the busy party know that you're trying to get through to them

Hunt group numbers - a hunt group number isn't connected to any particular phone, but connects your caller to the first available phone within a group of extension numbers. So you can set up a group of people, all whom can handle a call, and your customers can get through to the first one who's free to answer

Call return - tells you the number of the last person who called you and rings them back

Ring back when next used - if you call a Featureline extension but don't get an answer, this will call you back and connect you after the Featureline extension is next used

Code calling - assign a short code to your most frequently dialled numbers and save yourself a spot of finger-bother

Repeat last call - redials the last number you dialled

Things you need to know

Terms, conditions, and legal stuff

Call plans, packages, charges, and compensation claims

Call Essentials

There is no charge for BT Business Call Essentials. 24-month minimum period.

If you're on an existing call plan, adding this package may replace any benefits that come with your current plan. We'll call you to confirm and take you through your options after you have placed your order. See the BT Price list for details of your current call package.

Unlimited call package

Call are free for up to an hour. If your call lasts longer than an hour then you pay by the minute. Simply hang up the call and call back within each hour

You'll find the call rates to UK landlines, mobiles and international destinations in the BT Price List.  

If you end your call package within the minimum period, you’ll have to pay a charge for finishing early. The charge is equal to 50% of the outstanding monthly charges from when you finish the call package to the end of the minimum period

International direct dial call package

If you end your call package within the minimum period, you’ll have to pay a charge for finishing early. The charge is equal to 50% of the outstanding monthly charges from when you finish the call package to the end of the minimum period.

Call charges

Any calls you make that are not covered by our call packages, or are on lines with no calls packages are charged on a pence per minute basis, take a look at our table of call charges.

Compensation claims

We have a compensation scheme for those rare occasions where something goes wrong, and there are delays in putting it right. See information on compensation scheme.

Prices exclude VAT of 20%

Priority fault repair scheme for SME customers

If you’re registered as chronically sick or disabled under the CSDPA Act 1970, and you’re the BT account holder in a business with less than 10 employees, you may be eligible for priority fault repair if you have a fault on your phone line or Featureline.

You need to complete an application form signed by a healthcare professional.

Download our leaflet to find out more.

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