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With BT, there’s more to phone boxes than phones 

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A new communications service for the 21st century

InLink is a new communications service that will replace over 1,000 payphones in major cities across the UK. Each InLink provides:

  • Free ultrafast wi-fi at up to 10Gbps
  • Free UK landline and mobile calls
  • Free rapid USB charging
  • Free touchscreen tablet to access local services, maps and directions

Advertise your business in prime central locations

Think about how many potential customers pass by a phone box every single day. Getting your name on a kiosk is a great way to get noticed.

If you’d like to advertise your business or campaign on the side of a phone box or one of our new InLink units, get in touch with our partners at Primesight.

Keep a British icon alive

Adopt a kiosk, transform one into an ATM, or stick one in your garden

Adopt a Kiosk scheme

The red phone box is part of the character of many UK streets and villages. But the rise of mobile phones has meant we're looking to remove any kiosk that are no longer used.

For just £1 (ex VAT) you can give your community’s red phone box a new lease of life as something completely different. Like a book exchange, a defibrillator station, or an art gallery.

Download the brochure (PDF 8.398MB) for more information, or visit the how it works page to begin the adoption process.

Own a piece of British history

If you’d like to buy a red phone box for your business – or your garden – get in touch with our partners at X2Connect.

Visit the X2Connect website

Combine a BT phone box with an ATM

We take care of everything – planning permission, installation, provision of the kiosk and the ATM – we even do the cleaning. To find out more, use the 'Callback' button in the 'Get in touch' section.

Get a payphone for your customers

Call 0800 115 511 to order yours or find out more

Contour 100 payphone

The Contour 100 is a table top or wall-mounted payphone, with cash box capacity of 450 x 10p coins, 4 number memory, receiver-only volume control, programmable call tariff and redial function.

Contour 100 handbook (1.39MB)

Contour 200 payphone

The Contour 200 payphone has the same features as the Contour 100, but with a larger cash box capacity of 1500 x 10p coins. It’s more suitable for low-supervised locations.

Contour 200 handbook (1.39MB)

Contour 300 payphone

The Contour 300 payphone has all the features of the Contour 100 plus ringer volume control, hearing aid-compatibility and a back-up battery. Suitable for supervised locations only.

Contour 300 handbook (647KB)

Contour 300+ payphone

The Contour 300+ payphone is the big brother of the Contour 300, with all the features plus a larger cash box for 1500 x 10p coins, so you shouldn’t have to empty it too often.

Contour 300+ handbook (647KB)

Fully managed payphone service

We install the payphone for you, maintain it (including upgrades for coin changes), collect the cash and pay you a quarterly share of the revenue your phone generates.

Why BT Business

Own a BT payphone

Provide your customers with a payphone to use

Adopt a red phone box

Repurpose your community phone box for a £1 adoption fee

Buy a British icon

Own your own red phone box – for your business, or your garden