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BT Managed WAN


A fully managed private virtual network connecting your sites in the UK and worldwide



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Proactive network management every 2 minutes 

What it does

A Wide Area Network (WAN) connects your sites to each other on a virtual private network. It doesn’t matter whether the sites are on the same business park or on different continents, a WAN will bring them together as one. 

A Managed WAN always runs at optimum performance

With a BT Managed WAN, you’ll get proactive management 24/7/365 from a dedicated team of UK technical experts based at our Network Operations Centre. We monitor your network every 2 minutes to make sure that the network is delivering peak performance.  

End-to-end service

You’ll get your own BT project manager to take you from inception to delivery and sign-off to in-life.


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Included as standard

Managed WAN

A WAN with 24/7/365 service management from our UK-based Network Operations Centre.

It’s an end-to-end service, from the design and build of your WAN through to proactive management, to keep the network at peak performance.

You’ll get –

  • Your own BT project manager
  • 24/7/365 proactive management
  • Real time view of performance
  • Instant alert to issues and quick fix

Access hosted cloud services

Including Hosted Unified Communications Service, Virtual Data Centre, and Next Generation Contact Centre.

Flexible service speeds to match your needs

Depending on the access service, speeds vary from 2Mbps to 1Gbps in small increments.

We offer a range of access speeds and technology to match the needs of your individual sites. You can also flex your service speed independent of the access speed.


IP Connect UK has been certified by the CESG to impact level 2.2.4.

Multiple VPNs

People can only access the systems you allow them to.

Depending on the access service, you can have multiple and overlapping VPNs so you can partition your network. People can only get to systems they’re allowed to access, and you can keep extranets separate across departments, business functions, and so on.


Our standard availability guarantee is 99.99% availability.

Optional extras

Class of Service

6 DSCP classes of service including Expedite Forwarding for voice and Assured Forwarding for priority data.

Resilience options

Our Secure option guarantees 99.99% availability; with Secure Plus it’s 99.999%.

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