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Business ethernet

High-bandwidth, low-latency direct fibre connections linking sites under 28 miles apart

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A secure private network between local sites

A cost-effective way to connect your people who work at sites close to each other, maybe in a business park or the same town.

Short Haul Data Services (SHDS) create a secure private network that doesn’t use the internet.

And with a flat-rate fee and no usage charges, you can keep control of your budget.

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The cost-effective way to bring your local sites together

What it does

Also known as an Ethernet private circuit, SHDS Connect extends your LAN across local sites without compromising on performance or security.

High performance

Because it’s a dedicated optical fibre connection, there’s virtually no latency or delay so you can run time-sensitive applications like Citrix, IP Voice, and video without any performance issues.

Control & flexibility

You keep ownership and control of your IP architecture (hosting and routing data across the network).

Reconfiguring the VPN network is simple and scalable so you can flex your bandwidth seasonally and add sites as you grow.

Flawless security

When you connect to the internet, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll have your very own, dedicated network where security is the number one factor. Point-to-point Ethernet doesn’t get much better than this.

Included as standard


Short Haul Data Services has been certified by the CESG to impact level 2.2.4.

No-hassle guarantees

Tough on-time delivery, repair, and service availability guarantees come as standard. 

If we don't meet these we'll automatically apply discounts to your connection charges or rental on your next bill. No arguments, no fuss. 

A choice of bandwidths

You won’t share your bandwidth with anyone else, so you can use all of the bandwidth you pay for, all of the time. Choose from 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1Gbps.


Our standard availability guarantee is 99.9% availability.

Optional extras

Resilience options

We have 2 resilience options to choose from.

Resilient Access Option 1 increases the target availability to 99.997% by using a second diversely routed optical fibre cable with hot standby, switching between the two fibres in less than 50 milliseconds.

Resilient Access Option 2 pushes the target availability to 99.998% by adding not only a second diversely routed optical fibre cable, but also separate NTEs at each site. This reduces the potential downtime of your most important sites to just 50 minutes over a 5-year contract.

As well as providing additional resilience, this also doubles the available bandwidth.

If you’d like advice, talk to us about the particular needs of your business.

Why BT Business?

Top network

Gartner named us as their leading network service provider

Fast service

We carry out repairs within 5 hours should a fault occur

Always on time

We guarantee our deliveries will arrive on time

True to our word

You’ll be compensated automatically if we don’t keep our promises

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